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Are edibles much healthier than smoking?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mo King, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Obviously in edibles there's no inhalation of smoke so wouldn't that have to mean it's much healthier than smoking? But it is suppose to get you waaay higher, so idk what do you guys say?:confused:
  2. i think its more healthier cause youre not inhaling carcinogens
  3. Does anybody know how much carcinogens these crazy ass perc diffused bongs actually filter out? I was just wonder? Like level wise if you had a diffused downstem with two dome percs, how much?
  4. None, it filters out tars not carcinogens, they are in the smoke itself, but no one has ever gotten any type of cancer from just smoking bud so i wouldn't be too worried. But OP, edibles are probably the second safest, behind vaping, way of absorbing THC. The main health problems with cannabis lies in the brain, not the lungs, but smoking plant matter still is unhealthy and will weaken both your lung capacity and immune system. Eating it avoids these problems entirely, with some extras along the loooonnng ride :smoking:

  5. why would you put ingestion behind vaping?
  6. Idk i just think the high you get from ingesting is worse on your mental health than smoking since it lasts longer...
  7. This and vaporizors are supposed to be significantly better than smoking.

  8. im not an expert on eating cannabis by any means, but as far as i know, eating cannabis is essentially harmless. unless you freak out cause you got too high, the only way i could imagine you could harm yourself from eating is if you ate enough cannabutter to clog your arteries and gave yourself a heart attack...

    but like i said, i dont know a whole lot about eating cannabis.

  9. i would personally consider ingestion the healthiest method of consumption. i assume that having any sort of heated vapor, smoke, etc. in your lungs cant be that good for you.

    also, i dont think any level of highness is detrimental to one's mental health. since marijuana doesnt kill brain cells or anything, even getting really, really high wouldnt cause much, if any, permanent damage.
  10. does ingesting them do anything bad too your stomach or liver? that would be my only worry but it probably doesnt do anything
  11. When i got my medical certificate the Doc told me to either vape or use edibles. Also said some of the newer studies show that smoking it has some of the same side effects (causes cancer and ages the skin/causes wrinkles)as smoking tobacco.

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