are double ended 1000w hps bulbs better?

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  1. so ive seen theses double ended bulbs they have for sale now.. they say that they can use less power and emit more "useable" light for plants.. my question is has anyone ever tried these bulbs before.. I know what they claim, but I want to know if anyone has any experience with these bulbs and if there really is bigger yield from the plants or is it just another way for the industry to make money.. it sounds really good but you know what they say about that... any input will be great..

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    You mean dual spectrum? Its a 600w HPS and 400w MH inside one bulb run from a 1,000w balast.
    No I have not used them, $80-$150+ is a bit steep.
  3. no its a double ended 1000w hps bulb similar to a t5 bulb, both ends go into a socket..
  4. no knows anything about these
  5. They are pretty rare... I've only seen them used in bigger, industrial-style fixtures, and not necessarily with horticulture. I don't think they are much better if at all. 
    1000w doubled ended was first invented by Philips on 2005. The PAR([SIZE=10.5pt]photosynthetic active [/SIZE][SIZE=10.5pt]radiation[/SIZE]) can reach 2100μmol/s, currently is the world highest. However there are many other brand appear within 2 years, but none of them can exceed 2100μmol/s, even some ones just use high lumen HPS burner as high PAR HPS burner put into bulbs sell as real grow light.
    So ask them for PAR report before you buy, there are too many fake 1000w DE bulb on market, high lumen but low PAR, such lamp contain 9 times green light but half red light, just for street lighting not for plants.
  7. I got the sunsystems ac/de hood and galaxy dimmable ballast. Had to turn down to 600 watts to go on vacation. They are amazing much faster growth shorter internode spacing. I veg for a month then flower. My veg plants are the same size on last day of veg as my finished plants!!! Very excited. The only thing is u have to give more room between the plants and lights. I have a standard 1000 next to it and I can definetly see the difference. Double the par.
  8. Lets just put it this way. I just bought two of these Nanolux 1000 DE and they are so much brighter than anything that I have ever seen. There really something else. I will say that I have never seen anything quiet like these. I am going to be throwing up a grow journal with the results as soon as im finished with this harvest. I live in colorado and everyone that I know is switching to these and are showing results like they have never before seen. Lets give you an example that I have seen with my own eyes. One of my friends has a huge grow room about 20ft by 20 ft with 8ft celings. They are using flood and drain in botanicare 4x4 trays with 40 gallon resiovrs. They where using 8 inch dominator hoods and solis tech 1000w digital ballasts. They where running 2 inline rows of 8 of that set up with a total of 16 lights. After being brow beating by all of his friends and the people at the local grow shop he decided to give these double ended bulbs a try. he went by the advice of the grow shop and bought 10 lights to replace his 16 that he had before. Off the 10 lights he got about 30 pounds the first run!! Where as off the traditional electronic ballast at 16 lights was getting 32-34 pounds. So as far as efficeny goes they seem to have a larger foot print. I think if you are the guy that is going to just do a small grow you should stick with the traditional methods. But if you are someone who has 8+ lights I would suggest giving these new lights a try because they will greatly improve efficeny. I have heard of people getting 4 pounds a light off these lights but thats in a biger application. I will have updates as i go. The one thing that i am very concerend about is heat. As these lights are better open without being ari cooled I dont know what I am going to do with my rom. I may be able to get by without installing a split aircondioner in the winter but in the summer thats going to be a whole diffrent ball game. Does anyone have any input on this??
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    If it too bright, please take care fake ones usually with 150000lm but approx 1800μmol/s,  real one around 138000lm 2100μmol/s. 
  10. ?? Im going to be posting a grow journal for double ended lights soon. Maybe I will put up what I have so far today!
  11. The benefits of the DE are:

    1. More light output - (yes in PAR) well above 10%
    2. Way Better Light Maintenance (less lamp light depreciation over time)
    3. Longer life replace once a year instead of 6-9 months of continual use.

    This is regardless of brand.

    Post the link to the garden!!

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