Are doop tubes actually smell proof?

Discussion in 'Security' started by NoiseWithoutSound, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Ok so im going to a different city in my state, texas, and on the way there is a border patrol check point, and at the checkpoint there are dogs. So i want to know, if i take just my glass straight shooter(its 3.5 inches long) and it will be filled, and maybe another dooptube, with about 1/4 filled with weed. Will the dogs be able to smell it? i would bury it in my luggage in the middle of all my clothes and stuff. Thanks.
  2. You can't hide anything from a good k9
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  3. IMHO I wouldn't risk it. But if I remember correctly you are allowed to deny the border patrol checkpoint. If you're not crossing the border there is no reason for them to stop you unless they suspect you of commiting a crime. But if you try this they're most likely to run a dog around the outside of your vehicle.
  4. I wouldn't risk the stress of it. If you put the weed in a container right before you leave and get no weed residue on the outside of it (I'm talking microscopic residue as in like you touched weed and then touched the container regardless of if you see any weed on your hands) and don't get any of that on your car, person, etc there's a good chance the smell won't have time to permeate and won't be detected. Trying to cover up the smell with other smells is 100% futile for a dog btw they smell everything as separate smells.

    If they don't perform an actual search and you do what I said and get a good glass jar or something you would probably be fine but like I said I personally wouldn't risk it just cause, fuck taking an unnecessary risk like that imo. Risk vs reward and I don't think the reward is worth the risk here.
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  5. yeah, fuck it i wont risk it, thanks guys
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  6. It would be fine if you clean down the container with alcohol after wards

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