are dealzer grow boxs worth it?

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  1. title says it in the market for a grow box was thinking of doing it myself but i think it'd be easier and safer with one from dealzer. I was thinking of a super locker or mini cool cab :) any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks :)
  2. I would also like an answer on this question, i have considered buying the "Super Locker 2.0" :D
  3. Very pricey.....but good if you are not a DIY kind of person, I have heard a lot of good things about that sites cab's...very customer friendly.
  4. Yeah, when i first saw the price i was a little skeptic, but when i read about it... it seems worth all the money! Thanks for your reply!
  5. Hello,
    The mini cool cab is expensive and it requires a lot of modification to achieve its full potential but it will reliably produce 3 to 5 ounces of bud every 12 weeks or so. Both sunlight sheds and the super locker guys give misleading information: Sunlight sheds claims a harvest every 4 weeks and super locker says every 30 to 60 days. It is not possible to produce a quality product in such a short time, no matter what kind of system you have.

    The mini cool cab uses about $40 a month of electricity where I live. It is too noisy to use inside the house. You will need to replace the air pump, airstone, bulb socket, duct fan and light pulleys to get best results. You will need to use weatherstripping to fix the light leaks. It also takes practice to learn how it works. It took me three grows before I felt like I was truly getting control. Once you get the hang of it, the mini cool cab can allow you to produce a steady supply of very high quality bud that is free of unknown contaminants.
  6. It's worth it if you have excessive amounts of money.. lmfao just build it bro if you were considering it.

    You may even buy kits for wardrobes and modify it to grow inside, cut two holes, add some hooks, maybe something to mount a fan for your ladies, and weather strip it. Simple as that.

    Check out in my signature, my journal. I did exactly what I just told you. It might give you some inspiration or new ideas.
  7. I bought the mini cool cab and got the TDS meter with it. I noticed that the PPM of the nutes varies WILDLY between each tube. I'm not sure what's causing this, but I suspect it's got something to do with the pump. I don't think it's pushing enough water out and through the system.

    Thoughts? I'd really appreciate any type of information.
  8. Will the sunleaves pulstar 250w fit in the super locker? If so it would be better than the 250w econowing reflector upgrade from the factory.
  9. don't do it repeat don't do it!!! when I was a newb but I actually considered buying 1 of these, and now I am thanking god that I didnt. first of log on to ebay and buy a grow tent, either 2x4 or 4x4 for $100. next purchase 2-5 gallon black buckets, to air stones, 1 air pump into net hot lids $30. buy an air conditioner portable $200 dollars. if you want to be fancy go on craigslist and buy dehumidifier for $50. so right now we are talking $380. Now it is time for lights.... with the space you are looking for, and the money you have now saved from doing it yourself.... I would suggest a nice 600 why setup, we're talking 250 dollars. Now $630. Now you can hang some 125 watt cfl's to supplement the bottom of the tent. And we will say about 100 dollars for 2 lights and so far...$730. now you will need to buy ph meters and tds meters, possibly a small fan or 2 to hang from tent just to keep the air flow moving, which really should not be a problem with an air conditioner. With this setup you will not need inline duct fans, and with the air conditioner you can set the exact temperature. you can even attach silver duct and vent it anywhere you would like. I currently have my air conditioner attached to a 25 foot extension and it works like a beautiful charm. so now that I have save you 1000 dollars
  10. sorry I was using the voice text option for my last post. if you need a walk through, friend me and I will help.
  11. Pass. Goto eBay or your hydro store or online and order:

    1. Grow Tent - many sizes so find one that fits ur space.

    2. Lights - 400w HPS is always a good start.

    3. Carbon Filter

    4. Exhaust Fan

    5. Seeds

    I'm sure everything combined would be cheaper than those boxes. I honestly think they overcharge you with them. Granted it eventually pays for itself but so can most places you grow in.

    The main component to a great grow is the actual grower himself. You can get a million dollars worth of equipment but that doesn't mean you'll grow the best buds.

    Save yourself some money before thinking about making some.
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  12. Hi gypsycookie,
    The mini cool cab has places in the tank where circulation is not consistent. I improved this problem by adding a better air pump and a 4 inch airstone which I anchored in the middle of the tank. I have found that the tds readings usually stabilize about 12 hours after adding nutes. Also, when adding stuff to the tank, mix it up first in a 16 oz. bottle and that can help dispersion. I usually only grow 2 or 3 plants at a time and cover the open holes with foil, so I am able to pour some additives in several holes at different locations. The mini cool cab can be modified to be a stealthy, consistent producer, year in and year out. The manufacturer's are boneheads but their product allows a person to get started learning right away. I have been using one for about 4 years and it has been an educational hobby and also a very satisfying experience.
  13. Eh, I have troubles with anything that says it can do everything in terms of my setup.

    Now, when it comes to nutrient packages, that's a different story. The Advanced Nutrient systems are awesome, but thats' not what you're asking.

    I think that if anything says it can do it all, it's probably lying. If somethign could do everything, everyone would be using it, right?

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