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are cops allowed to do this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dankdogg, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I live in Canada.. Can a cop pretend to be a stoner? Like if i asked the guy, "are you really a cop?".. what would he have to say if he actually was?

    Also, are they allowed to entrap you into selling weed.. Like... say the cop says to me first, yooo mang can i get some of that stanky danky dank for 100$ a gram.. and i come with a gram and he busts me.. could that actually happen?

    stupid thread i know :eek:, but questions need answering people!
  2. If you really think someone would be that stupid to pay 100 a g then your not getting trapped your just a retard that sold to a cop. In other words yes they can
  3. I'm canadian but I live in the us... I'm pretty sure down here they need to tell you they're a police officer, if not it's considered entrapment.

    but yeah, that example you gave would be considered entrapment. they can't legally arrest you for that, i don't think.
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    I live in montreal, I dont know if a cop can do that, but it could happen with an undercover who doesnt work for the police.
  5. Yes, well, at least in America. It's not entrapment since they didn't make you sell to them.

    And what you're describing is an undercover cop. The whole point of being an undercover cop is so people don't know that they're popo.
  6. Yeah, this isn't big news man. The cops are allowed to lie. It's not entrapment man, the cops don't have to tell you if they're a cop or not, that's a common myth. Really though, $100 a g and you thought everything was cool?
  7. The only way it would be entrapment is if the cop somehow forced you to sell to him. Like put his gun to your head.
  8. K just to clear things up a cop never asked me for a gram for 100$, nobody has ever asked me for a fucking gram. That was just an example, use your brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Not sure about canada, but in the US if they're undercover they can straight up lie to you. The only other way the cop would be dressed as a normal person would be if they were off-duty, but then they couldn't arrest you since they weren't on the job.

    So it's either a plain clothes cop who is working undercover, who can arrest you, or a plain clothes civilian who is a cop when on duty, who can't arrest you.
  10. Grain of salt because this is how it works in Aus not America. It would not be entrapment in your situation but if you asked if he was a police officer and he denied it, Then yes that would be entrapment.
  11. That was a terrible example
  12. Police officers, at least in most of the U.S., DO NOT have to identify themselves as such. It is a common myth, one primarily associated with film/television and other forms of pop. culture.
  13. Hahhaha

    Alright. Yes cops can lie about their profession

  14. Then that is a horrible example because an undercover is going to know his shit and probably not act like a fucking noob
  15. exactly the answer i was looking for thank you kind sir. You said America i noticed, is it the same for Canada do you know?

  16. LOL he said Aus.

  17. no duh a cop is going to know his fuckin stuff!!! Whats that have to do with my *EXAMPLE* OF A SITUATION though?

    It's just an example, holy shit. Would you be happier if i changed that example to 10$ a gram then?.. you're right maybe, 100$ is obviously wayyyyy too off for an EXAMPLE!! sorry sir, ill try to be less stupid next time.
  18. A cop does NOT have to tell you he is a cop. Thats what 'undercover' means

    They can also commit crimes to maintain their cover.

    Entrapment means that they force you to commit a crime. If you sell or buy from them willingly, its not entrapment
  19. I've been busted once, was rolling in a park and some black dude that looks in his twenties with basketball clothes on comes to us and ask if we have some good green for sale, or something like that, we say no but we were rolling so he just pulled out his badge and went on..

    Cops CAN and WILL lie about their identity, if they can bust you, they don't give a shit about a little lie.

    Notice in my situation he even tried to get us to sell and not just possession to fuck us even more
    Some cops are dirty

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