Are containers an absolute when starting?

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  1. When starting with seeds in towels, is it imperative to have them inside a container?
  2. I wouldnt think so no.
  3. do it on a plate.
  4. Thanks, what if the paper towel gets dry for a few hours? Is that a major issue?
  5. Pue them in a bowl, in the paper towels cover the bowl in cling film/ saran wrap. You should keep them damp at all times.

  6. Thanks for the advice/:smoking:
  7. i put my seed in wet paper towel and put in a container, got a taproot after 24 - 30 hours
  8. Seeds need warmth and moisture to germinate. I plant my ladies directly into soil, about 4mm deep, keep warm and moist, they pop in 2 to 5 days.
    I have yet to find any advantage in germinating in paper towels - just adds an unnecessary step.
  9. They help retain the moisture.

    Wanna know a great way?

    Use the peat pots with the little plastic domed tray. Couple of dollars at the hardware store.

    Doesn't matter if you're doing soil or hydro... they work great.

    Soak your seeds with RO or good tap water for up to 24 hours. (Personaly I never go over 12)

    Pre soak the peat pellets so they swell up to full size.

    Pick up each one and give it a squeeze about half height and let go. That will squeeze all the drippy water out and leave the perfect amount of moisture.
    NOW CUT THE BOTTOM OF THE NYLON COVER OFF... it will just strangle the crud out of your roots.

    Put them in the domed container and keep them somewhere warm. I use the warming tray of the oven as it's the perfect temp at my place. Your mileage may vary.

    I usually have them pop in about a day depending on the strain. Some take up to a week before they decide to pop out.

    Once the first leaves show up and it starts to stretch I usually move them to a plate in a warm sunny area with a plastic bag around the peat pot to keep the moisture in.

    Once the bugger is big enough for you to grasp the stem with your fingers it should have 2 sets of leaves and be ready for transplanting.

    Hydro: Lay peat pot on plate and remove nylon outer covering. Gently run cool water over the peat pot and wash away as much of the peat as you can. Pop into your medium of choice and get it set into your veg area and you're off.

    Soil: Remove the outer nylon cover completely and bury the peat pot into your soil. I usually plant the seedling right up to the first leaves. I also suck at soil so you may not want to listen to me on that. LOL

    Grow On! :)
  10. Ive been trying both ways. I think either my seeds have been dried too much or they are not mature enough.:confused:
  11. put them in a plastic bag zipper and put a wet paper towel on top and bottom

    i had 14/18 bagseeds sprout
    i burped the bag maybe once or twice a day
  12. Seeds take a month to properly form on the plant - immature seeds are white - mature seeds various shades of brown.

    Maybe your seeds are not viable - but they do keep a long time - seeds found in pyramids, thousands of years old, have germinated OK.

    Try this, put them in a jar of water for 24 hours, any seeds still floating after this time are probably sterile husks.
    Viable seeds absorb water and sink, some quicker than others.
    Then plant those that have sunk.

  13. Ive allwys thought that seeds that have the brown with black spotting are good for starting. It's been allmost 2 days and nothing. This is not my first endevor but Im perplexed. Usually sprouting happens fairly quickly in my past experiance. Am I wrong?
  14. From female plants that I have pollinated myself, the seeds have ranged in colour from a greyish brown, through light brown, dark brown, brown and black stripes. The progeny all seem to be the same.

  15. Will immature seed still sprout or not
  16. Not. Sorry.
  17. You might want to pick up a small bottle of patience :)

    I've had some seeds I'd given up on sprout 2 weeks after I planted them.
    There are a few strains I've heard of that take over 20 days on average for the seeds to sprout.

    Lavender seeds (The plant... not the MJ strain) take over 20 days as well and are MUCH more difficult to get to sprout properly than MJ. LOL They're so tiny when they sprout it's ridiculous. :D

    If your seeds are older or slightly immature they're going to need more time and probably a bit of extra care.... AFTER they sprout. Until then they just need to be left alone.

    Immature seeds (if they sprout at all) usually have missing leaves, stunted roots or some other problem... it's not often that an immature seed grows properly.

    In all cases... the only thing you really need to make sure of until they sprout is to give them a constant warm temp around 75F - 80F and the soil to be slightly moist but not damp.

    Don't give up ;)
  18. I think most gardeners have a seed story. In 2003 I sowed some peyote seeds in April, then the weather turned really cold, I was worried about mould, so I put the seed tray in a corner, to dry out, I would try again when the weather got warmer. After two weeks of neglect I found the tray full of baby peyote.

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