Are COB Led lights worth it?

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  1. Are the cob led lights worth the money for growing vs an hps or the ufo style led lights? Also if so what brands are worth the money?

  2. I do believe those are knockoffs...
    I use the Advanced LED XTE panels and so far they are very very impressive...feel free to visit my journal (click the link below) to see the XTE series in action.. best LED's I have used so far.
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    I have 4 200 watt COB LED grow lights.
    They work very well for flowering.
    They help produce longer hairs on the buds.
    Very wide spectrum of colour.
    Small and easy to find room in a tent for them.
    High watt to lumen ratio
    Great canopy penetration
    Fans help air movement
    Can be placed vertically of horizontally 
    Longer bulb life(usually same life as the unit)
    The fan can be noisy!!
    They produce a fair bit of heat, both from the fan and the radiation from the chip. 
    The fan can be noisy!!
    New tech, can have design issues(find one with a good warranty)
    The fan can be noisy!!
    Expensive initial cost
    The fan can be noisy!!
    Unless the spectrum is made for it, not great for veg.
    If you want to see which light I bout please refer to my grojournal here. I don't want to link e/bay sites lol. 
  4. I have a grow journal right now brand new for twilight groups 432w Spider COB LED grow light. The manufactures make a lot of high end aquarium lighting.

    My main garden has 11 plants hydro under (2) 1,000w HPS digital with (2) 70LPM air pumps and two fans running. now it is hot and noisy.
    My LED runs cool and quiet. The real test will come when I chop the plants down that are just seeds in a cup of water right now.
    Im interested in how well others are doing and how well the technology is progressing.
  5. yeah those are knock offs. I bought one then i saw the construction inside and sent it back it looked like a DYI project. I have had great results using the advanced xml 350. I have been watching icemuds grow and i think i may have to get a couple xtes and see how they do :) my xml has beat every light i have put up against it so far. 
  6. The XTE series is amazing...I definitely can say you wont be dissappointed... I still would love to try their XML series panel too :)
  7. well, there are COBs, and then there are COBs
    Most of chinese 'COBs' are multispectrum chipsets of questionable intensity or umole output
    The COBs we (well I among others) want are one kelvin. They look like a sunny side up egg
    I should have a preproduction soon
    Stay tuned 
  8. maybe we can trade after your grow :) 
  9. your are going to post a grow with a COB? Cool man :) 

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