Are carbon filters worth it?

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  1. Just wanting your guys opinions. I was thinking about possibly getting one.

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  2. I really like mine and am planning on getting another for my other bong if I don't sell it first. They make the hit smoother without adding a lot of drag and they keep your piece cleaner longer.
  3. I was thinking about using it with my bubbler, mainly just to keep it clean. My bubbler is a bitch to keep clean.

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  4. How much did you pay for yours?

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  5. Mine was $32 from SSFG and I got a shit ton of carbon from Walmart for like $5
  6. My lhs wanted like 60$

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  7. Think that's what a lot of them go for, I'm lucky to have SSFG's shop in my town.
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    i got mine for 20 off my buddy buts a gear china one, the hoss ones at my lhs are 38$
    and yes smoother, cleaner smoke, and keeps your piece cleaner

  9. Glad to see some NC love.

    On topic: Carbon filters give you a cleaner, purer hit, and keep your glass fresh.
    Go for it!

    FYI Soulshine Family Glass (SSFG) does delivery, google SSFG and you'll find it lickedy split.

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