Are Both Of My Cannabis Plants Okay ? *picture*

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  1. I just moved both of my cannabis plants indoors and put them on a 12/12 lighting yesterday....I'm going to be LST it all the way through flowering because of the small space I have in a small box.... I don't remember howmanny weeks my plants are......and this is also my first long will it take for me to find out what sex my plants are ?

    20130614_144736.jpg plant 2 20130614_144753.jpg . Plant 1
  2. It's kinda dependent on how old they were before the flip (among other factors). The more mature they are, the quicker they'll show their sex (usually), but guessing from the pics that you have, I'd say it'd take 7-14 days to show sex.
    Just for comparison with my current grow so you can get a rough estimate:
    My plants were 4 weeks old when I flipped, and the earliest strains/phenos showed sex within about 5-7ish days, but I have 1 younger plant that STILL hasn't showed its' sex and it's going on 14+ days now.
  3. Okay thanks for the information... It helped a lot :) I also hope your grow go well.
    Okay helped a lot and I also hope your grow go well :)
  4. Thanks!  You as well!

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