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Are Blunts Bad?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FreshStoner, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, So today I smoked my 4th blunt ever. Their really tasty and they get me stoned. My only concern is are they bad for my lungs? I usually smoke bowls and that hasn't really changed anything with my lungs. The question is are blunts bad for your lungs?

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    obviously, processed chemical tobacco crap is not good for your body
    least healthy to most healthy:
    blunts | joints | bongs/bowls | vape
  3. Water bongs are healthier than dry 1s the water acts as a filter

    throw some ice in there too!
  5. They aren't great for your health but smoking 4 isn't gonna effect you tht bad, now when the only thing you ever smoke is a blunt, that's where health issues come in. If you find this predicament I would recommend some flavored rolling paper. Not as great as a blunt taste but a lot better then smoking a straight joint! Hope you had a good experience with your blunt and if you aren't rolling your own, try to! It's pretty fun and its rewarding to smoke. Stay high man!
  6. Smoke is bad for your lungs. It doesn't matter if you smoke a blunt or joint. The only difference is in the degree of harm done. Blunts produce more tar which gets accumulated in the lungs.
  7. Smoking blunts is a leading cause in testicular cancer
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  8. Joints & bongs & vapes 》

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  9. people are just blunt haters man. you wont notice any changes going on with you that are significant.
    i just dont like that they turn your lips black.
  10. Blunts are in my opinion the only way to smoke if its more than just you and another person, they burn slow and last the longest. Ive smoked hundreds if not thousands of blunts and i cant see a reason not to smoke them
  11. It's probably not the best for you health wise, but I vote for Honey Dutchmasters. I usually won't roll with anything else. Unless I really want to smoke a blunt and I don't feel like going a few towns over for a few.
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    Is tobacco bad?
  13. there about as bad as smoking ciggerettes and smoking weed no...there not bad for you inface cigar tabbacco is much healithier than cigerettes because ciggerettes are caramel colour (stems and branches) cigars use full leaves not chemmicaled up with shit
  14. You could smoke a blunt or two every now and then and probably have no significant damage.
  15. Calm down ha. definitely not as bad for you as a cig or anything
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    cigars are still loaded with chemical shit
    blunts do taste mad good though (depending on your preference)
  17. Only if you define them as such.
    My blunts are good
  18. from my experience of smoking 3-4 blunts a day between me and a friend or 2they aren't good at all for ur health. about a month and a half ago I got sick nd continued to smoke blunts. the cold eventually left but my throat was fucked up for weeks. it was at the point where I had to take a sip of drink between every hit. because of that I'm quittn until my raw papers get here
  19. Most blunt wraps also come with tobacco, so make sure your brand does not come with that. 
    But I suggest not wasting your herb on blunts. It would last a lot longer if you used a bong or a pipe.
    Blunts can be harsh, but mainly waste way too much herb. I hate it when friends demand I chip in my freshly new bought 20 sack to the blunt. Which I end up using about $10s worth of weed, and don't get nearly as stoned as I would if I didn't chip in. 
  20. Yes. Blunts will produce a noticeable effect if smoked daily. It's okay to have a blunt every other week, but if you smoke it as a preferred method, you will notice lung impairment. When I started to smoke blunts once or twice a day, I noticed reductions on my running time within about a week. My breathing wasn't as clear as my previous' weeks were. There was more of a wheezy sound, I was getting less air, my breaths got shorter, etc. Once this started to occur, I switched over to a bong, and pretty much was restored within about a week and half later [with a little more exercising]. 
    If you're a couch potato, it's not going to affect you much.
    If you're an athlete, blunts are detrimental to your ability. Although, smoking should be out of the question, you should only really be in taking marijuana through vaporization or digestion. 

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