are ashes from marijuana cigarette potash ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by skunk1877, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. smoke a lot ty:) for fert.
  2. what the fuck
  3. No.

    It's not the kind of potash you're referring to
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    Although potash (K2CO3 or K2O) was originally made from the ashes of burnt hardwoods.
  5. The folks at GC should seriously think of making a spot for Dumbest Threads and Questions!!! What do you all think? LMFAO!!!
  6. No, there would be far too much competition!!!!
  7. ya man smoke a blunt by your plants and ash it on the time you see them they will be 2 feet bigger
  8. Some time i think the threads are jokes and when i open it there will be the punchline.....

    "cantharis" ~ is that a reference to the "Spanish Fly" beetle?

    You must be a biologist with your chemistry and plant knowledge?
  9. Metallurgist, actually.
  10. Wow the fly knows the name of a molecule and hates nubes. Where's your grow?
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    You really are full of hate and envy. But as you have requested, here is one of my ladies.


    Got over a pound of dried/cured off that lady.
    Apologies to everyone who has seen that pic before, but noobs do keep asking the same questions.
  12. Damn... well that'll be the end of that discussion, I bet. :D

    Beautiful plant, cantharis! :hello:
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    Thanks, Mr. MJ. + rep to you.

    Cat seems to have got his tongue.

  14. Skunk1877......... Dude, I think you want the "gluecity" forum.:D
  15. DUDE IS THAT YOU CAUSE ITS ME >>>>> LOL K POTASH is ash from a pot belly stove I think .....Let me know if its you too man ill post those pics k
  16. Thats dissrespectfull man ........
  17. Not quite sure why this old thread has bee resurrected, nor the meaning of the most recent posts.
  18. I tried, it got closed, and I inadvertently pissed people off. Go figure...:confused:


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