are apple bowls safe?

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  1. I know aluminum foil can be bad, so I just put the weed directly on the cut in part of the apple instead of placing the foil on it. Is it safe to smoke though, since the apple could be burned and inhaled, is that bad?
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    hope not;) i wouldnt worry about it man.:smoke: either way your smoking dried out plant material.
  3. so aluminum foil is bad? care to backup that statement with some sources?
  4. I guess that depends on how crazy you are getting with the apple..
  5. Well apples are known to have lots of residual pesticides but that's with a lot of non-organic plants these days
  6. I shoulda been using apples instead of pop cans in my youth cuz I swear it affected me.
  7. You could dry an apple and smoke it and be fine :p
  8. no, if anything apples are the safest of any crappy temporary homemade bowl/pipe.

  9. Smoking it is bad.....You don't even need it for an apple pipe which are extremely convenient.

  10. not completely 100 percent proven, but I'm sure you've heard that people with Alzheimers have been shown to have more aluminum in them than the average person.

    Now I don't know if the temperature is even hot enough to get it in with the smoke, or if the studies are 100 percent true, but I'd rather be safe.

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