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Are all plastics permeable?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BluntsOrDie, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Permeable meaning that after some time the smell of weed will eventually go through it for a dog to smell. Im wondering how long a double vacuum sealed wiped down in bleach bag will be smellproofed for a dog? The bags will be foodsaver brand.
  2. if it was that easy to trick a dog everyone would do it. dont risk trying it
  3. I'm sure there are some science grade and space approved plastics that are not, but anything you can buy, yes it is. And yes, the dogs will smell it.
  4. All plastics are made up of long chains of molecules that are all tangled up in each other essentially. Molecules can pass through it eventually.

    Where are you planning on taking it that it'll need to be protected? Plane? or just through mail or something?
  5. I suppose you're right, I guess the question would be here, what kind of molecules are permeable. But still, yeah they'll smell it.

  6. Yeah anywhere where there'll be drug dogs searching they will find it. We can't even comprehend the sense of smell that dogs have. There was an episode of mythbusters where they tested drug dogs doing different things such as covering it with different smells, multiple seals, completely encased in peanutbutter ect. And everytime the dog found it.

    If it's an airport you're going to it's not worth it dude. If it's sending through the mail double bagging and bleach will be enough to cover the scent from humans and sending small amounts through mail is relatively safe.
  7. A dog will even find weed stored in a mason jar, good luck.
  8. The ones that they make sex dolls out of definitely are, I can email you some proof if u want
  9. Here's my two cents, if you're thinking of taking bud somewhere where dogs will be an issue....don't. I'm sure they have weed where you're going. Don't chance it; especially if you're crossing a boarder.

    Trafficking charges aren't something to fuck with bro.
  10. I'm going on a road trip from Oregon to Ohio. Just in case I get pulled over.
  11. Literally everything is porous, so even with multiple bags and a jar, eventually the smell will leak out enough so that a dog will detect it.

  12. You don't necessarily need to use plastic. Different materials will be permeable to different things (that's how soda cans and wine bottles work). Plastic may be easier but sometimes you have to work harder to work smarter.

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