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Are all of your friends stoners?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AdamArmy, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Mine are and im proud of it!
  2. most of my friends are...
  3. 2 out of 3 are
  4. the ones I hangout with daily
  5. Wouldnt say were stoners. We smoke almost everyday and no they all dont smoke but when i smoke ill chill with the smokers
  6. I am not a:
    Reefer Rat
    Dope Head

    Or any other derogatory name. Nor are my friends.
    We are Medical Cannabis patients.

    We need to stop referring about ourselves in that light, if we want to make any positive change in our laws.

    I do know some people who fit those names. Usually are younger, smoke illegally, and are stupid about it. Not all young or illegal smokers are, just some of them.
  7. Nope. We are all pot snobs.
  8. #8 MrWeeds, Nov 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 28, 2011
    [quote name='"pure mich"']Nope. We are all pot snobs.[/quote]

    I can definitely identify with that. :)

    What part of the mitten you from? Or are you yoooopin it? :)
  9. All of mine have smoked but only a few are stoners like me
  10. [quote name='"MrWeeds"']

    I can definitely identify with that. :)

    What part of the mitten you from? Or are you yoooopin it? :)[/quote]

    269. The pinky side of your wrist;)
  11. My brother. Lol
  12. I consider myself a pot snob, all my friends that smoke MJ think so to.
    because im always talking about different strains and the effects and the types of bongs that are out there etc.
    when all they do is want to sit and just smoke
  13. [quote name='"pure mich"']

    269. The pinky side of your wrist;)[/quote]

    Used to live in Grand Haven, just about due north of ya :), now in Bay County.
  14. Eh... around 80%
  15. Not all of my friends are stoners but majority/ ones I chill with everyday are
  16. Almost all of my friends smoke. Very few are out-and-out 'stoners'. Most refer to themselves as 'recreational users', a couple of them are 'medicinal users' (illegitimate as that is over here in the UK) and a few of us are 'enthusiasts' - i.e those who talk about different strains, insist on certain types of paper and have favourite pieces of glass.

    Terminology changes as you get older, it seems.
  17. Hahah yes :D
    Mine definitely are.
  18. I'm the only one out of my groups who smokes it often. The other have tried it and won't do it again they say... I have one mate in the group who will smoke occasionally with me. But my one mate who is quite conservative said that he will smoke with me on my birthday and would like to visit Amsterdam with me :D

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