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Are all legal highs rip offs???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theimpossible, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I see supposedly amazing legal highs all over the internet like blueberry hybrid herb and so on and the people I've talked to said it was just like smoking stems and seeds...Anyone ever try legal bud or is it a complete waste of money?
  2. I've never really heard any information on this, I want to know also
  3. If you go in to it expecting a marijuana like high, then you will more than likely be dissapointed. There are some very relaxing herbs out there though. I enjoy skullcap and passion flower mixed in a bowl sometimes. I heard spice gold used to be good, but not so much now. I can't really say though, as I have not tried it.
  4. All I have to say about legal highs is this:

    If there were any legal replacements for weed, why would anyone bother the prison sentence and/or fine that weed can bring?
  5. nope dont waste your money just buy weed
  6. Its like smoking good ass looking bud but its only tobbacco
  7. just buy weed unless you gt a DT coming up or something
  8. mostly you can expect bullshit. however there are some which are actually surprisingly good
    try spice gold it is very much like weed. however it tastes like ass and it is expensive. so unless you cant smoke bud for some reason its kind of pointless.
  9. Legal buds dont work AT ALL.

    Things like BZP and Salvia and Spice to some people, do work.

  10. Just don't bother to be perfectly honest.

    If you can buy weed easily, then legal highs are a waste of money, and they are harsh as hell.

    Also, no-one knows if there are any long term side effects from smoking these alternatives.
  11. Some actually work great. I strongly recommend Genie or Mojo blends, they work surprisingly well and strong too. The spice series works also but its more a longer and mellow high, also tastes like crap. Try it out if you ever have a chance!
  12. legal highs are different from weed highs but they are certainly not dissapointing haha.

  13. Good argument, but would you smoke Spice or any of that other aweful stuff? (I smoke siggarettes when I'm sober, aweful enough imho)

  14. they are a mix of relaxing herbs most the time. the guy that said salvia is a legal bd is tragically mistaken. roll a blunt of 80x ant get back at me:rolleyes:
  15. Spice gold is the same as it ever was.

    And yeah all these legal buds are a cheezy rip-off. But there are some legal highs that work, mildly
  16. Salvia works but its not something you would want to do on a regular basis..

  17. It's not a high though.. it's a hallucinogenic (did I spell it right?) which is wayyyy different than a weed high. It also only last a maximum of 20-30minutes.

    I once had it, and stupidly thought it was going to be like weed. I overdosed (or so I was told) and I can't remember what happened. All I remember was finding myself in the middle of the road (thank fuck there were no cars) thinking to myself, if I just lie down and go to sleep, I'll wake up in my bed.

    There's a video of me doing the robot while I was tripping, it was absolutely hilarious, but I didn't have any control over it.

    Anyways, salvia isn't like weed, it's a hallucinogenic.
  18. By hallucinogenic you mean hallucinogen. And Salvia is a dissociative...common mistake.
    And I don't believe a word of your story, and you're stupid as fuck for trippin that shit without spotters. People like you-the uninformed drug users, make stuff like that, substances that have been used spiritually, religiously, and ritualistically for thousands of years illegal. Plus you're probably the kind of asshole that posts those videos on youtube. You sir are the problem.

    And salvia in small doses could be considered similar to a legal high. When I stopped smoking for a while I sometimes did small slavia doses to achieve that aftereffect which can last 30 minutes or so, although I have made it last longer after an intense dissociative trip on salvia, try I wasnt my normal self for hours.

    Spend your money on spice blends and the like, although do realize you are fucking with synthesized drugs with little research done on them.
  19. I've tried Salvia Tripped very well. Had Kratom and felt like I had 2 Beers. When I did Kratom with a beer I realy felt great. I did a Wonder joint nothing at all. I've done wild Dagga nothing,but I think I did it wrong.
  20. #20 iKb, Jun 3, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 3, 2009

    I'm not that type of guy. I was mislead by someone I knew. They told me it was like weed, so I thought I would be fine. I was also with a bunch of "mates". Some friends they turned out to be :(

    I was just telling the other people about my experience with salvia.

    No need to bite my head off.

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