Are 45gals pots worth it in Fall/Winter?

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    I'm planning to use supplemental LED in my greenhouse throughout Nov./Dec
    So a two month veg. I may aim for 3 months, but I'm scared of revegging in March.
    Will using 45 gallon smart pots be worth it? It seems the plant may not get enough sunlight to justify spending extra for a yield that won't offset cost.
    Location: Southern Cal

    We have a So Cal thread if your interested..
    Pot size is all about how much veg time you can put on.. I've made up a few different sizes of both Self Irrigating Planters 3-5-20 gallon and ground spaces of 12x12x12 inch up to 36x36x36 inch and for what I've worked out for year round outside growing in So Cal has been to veg them with a mix of days under the sun and nights under lights till they outgrow my veg boxes.. About 24 inches tall.. At that point I plant them outside where they flower.. I wind up with a 3 to 6 ft plant depending on strain and find a 5 to 20 gal pot or equivalent hole in ground is about right for the plants I'm growing.. The old 1 gal per foot isn't far wrong on the minimum side of things..
    Something new I'm working on solar yard lights to hold them in veg.. 2nd run on this with less light but longer hours..
    Start with some 25 gals till your ready to step up.. I think I saw some at H&H nursery in that size.. Can't recall how much but it was a fair price I recall thinking.. You going organic or bottle feed ?? We have some good soil building threads for Organics as well as some no till and...
    If you haven't started to build your soil yet I can give you some tips on that for finding some of what you need local..
    Jerrys Organic source thread.. peat moss perlite compost  chicken manure
    Alfalfa pellets in bulk from pet or feed stores.. From a dollar a pound to as little as 30 cents a pound at a feed store
    That rounds out the local stuff I was able to track down when I built my soil..
  3. Thanks for the most helpful reply I have had on GC so far. 
    This actually isn't my first rodeo and my last Cali grow 25 gals with around 5'6 plants.
    Very sloppy tho because it was my first outdoor grow and 2nd grow overall.
    I was going organic but I think I'll switch it up. I'd like to not worry about rez temps even in a GH.
    I'm actually going coco.
    Do you recommend soil better?
    BTW that solar thing is my dream. Green House + Solar = godlike.
    Glad to see someone is paving the way, 
  4. I went soil since most of my grow is in the ground in the yard.. Hard as nails dirt I dug out 12x12x12 inch holes and ran fox farms my 1st grow.. As I learned and wanted a less labor intensive and far cheaper way of growing I ditched the bottles and buckets for organic super soil and like it's simplicity of water only.. The 50 pound sack of alfalfa pellets for 15 bucks I just bought is all the amendments I'll need for the next 6 months or more.. My wife watches what I spend like a hawk so I'm on the cheap but trying to stay organic and limit chemicals as much as possible..

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