are 10 1/2" pots large enough to grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pokernaut, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. i remember reading that 3 gallons is an adequate pot size to grow plants in from my research in the 80s, but the problemis that nurseries etc. sell flower pots, but can't tell me what their internal volume is! it isn't on the flower pots either like it should be.

    i've decided that i won't be trying to SCROG my 1st grow as originally planned and instead will do it SOG to getmy feet wet and would like to know what size flower pots to buy. i'm thinking that 10 1/2" looks like it might be close to 3 gallons and is DEFINATELY more than the 2 liter bottles i remember reading about people using for SOG.

    could i possibly get by with even smaller pots like 8 1/2"? i plan on rotating my plants under dual lights so that they all get equal lighting and lighter plants would be easier to move.

    thanks in advance for your help
  2. My last grow was with 6" (diameter) pots and my new grow is 8" diameter pots each.

    I think you should start the seedlings in smaller then move up to the 10" pots.
  3. your doing a dont need big pots considering what you plan on height wise for your plants before you flower

    with sog you dont veg very long at all, have numerous plants, and the flower to get alot of little plants...u dont need a 10 inch pot for something that isnt going to be that big at say 8 should be fine for the maybe 1-2 feet tall your plant may be when its done flowering
  4. OK. that's helpful so far thank you, but i was also planning on somehow trying to get results with sativas indoors too, particularly kali mist. that strain isn't exactly suitable for SOGging, but i imagine all of my others which are 56-63 day strains are.

    wouldn't i need a bigger pot for those? i'm trying to see if i can combine SOG tech with topping & training to my 4.5' X 4.5' walls. while the center of the room remains SOG.

    the two stats i remember from my 20 year old research are 3 gallons is the minumum recommended pot size (maybe for full size plants) & 8" is the minimum spacing for SOG.

    the main reason i'm looking towards SOG now is that this will be my first COMPLETE grow so i want to keep it simple & cheap (i'd been considering building movable SCROG tables) and i have alot of strains i want to polinate with my last 3 remaining C99 splash beans.

    thanks alot for your help.

    maybe i'll cram even more than i'd planned in the room with smaller pots then.

    when you SOG, are the pots you're using adequate for the grow without needing additional nutrients? i was planning on making a nutrient rich soil blend with compost, worm castings, & manure etc. back in the day, alot of grows were done in giant 5 gallon buckets.

    i like the idea of smaller pots because they're cheaper & easier to move. i'd need to move all of them for lighting rotation as well as watering needs as i have back issues that make leaning 4 feet back a problem. that's actually why i was originally so gung ho for the SCROG table idea when i read about it in another thread. making tables that can be moved is the single best idea i think i ever heard for growing. it solves so many problems also including crop rotation and ease of tying down.

    hopefully, i'll be up and running before december and smoking something by february.

    i'm not worried about yield, i just want to be able to get enough bud for my own needs and be able to breed everything i have.

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