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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Mire, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Anybody shoot archery? I find it quite enjoyable.
  2. when i was younger i messed around a bit with my bow out on the farm. could never afford many arrows and bows are one of the very few things i cannot just naturally do awesome with (I fuckin rock slingshots, first time using one i was able to shoot a tiny little tree from about 40-50 feet in heavy wind over and over no problem).

    so me being terrible at archery, but still having fun resulted in many lost arrows. i ended up seeing how far i could shoot by angling the arrow up and firing off into a field.. had arrows go all the way down to the fletching in the ground lol.

    i really want to get a real good bow and try again some time. i was just using a bow i found at an abandoned boyscout camp when i was like 8.. and this was all when i was like 8-10 years old that i messed around with it.

    you got any recommendations on a good cheap beginner bow, and maybe some quality arrows? maybe some tips on where a good place to practice would be besides heading out of town?
  3. I love archery, used to be part of a club and was pretty good. Stopped going about a year ago but I'd really like to get back into it, it's good fun.
  4. I want to learn. It would help me get some more strength in my arms too, as well as the obvious reasons like being fun, awesome, and badass.

    Speaking of badass archery, I know a guy who took out a mountain lion with a single arrow. He regularly goes bowhunting for deer or turkey, and one day he got a mountain lion.
    He ate the meat, and said it was the best he'd ever tasted. Evidently mountain lion chops are like pork chops but much richer.

  5. depends on what type of shooting you want to do man. if you want to go with a traditional style long bow or recurve bow, then i suggest you look at something along the lines of a Samick Sage, it is a 62" recurve. mine had 45# limbs and would fling a 650gr arrow well over 173fps, which for a mass produced bow. it was shooting faster then 2 bows that were custom made by a local boyer (although he is a huge name in the industry.) for $139.99 they are a solid smooth shooting bow that will compete and fling em with the best. as far as arrows go, i typically shot Gold Tip 35/55s and they typically run like $60 a 6pk.

    if you're thinking about compound bows, you cant go wrong with a matthews, hoyt, or bowtech.

  6. Hoyt makes some great compounds

    I personally shoot Olympic style recurve. Hoyt formula hpx/ f7 foam core limbs at 38#. Bear also makes a great compound.
  7. I have a compound bow but it's too small for me now. When I was little it was hella fun, though.

    Now my friends and I just take it outside and shoot at random shit for entertainment.

    The bow's a Bear Pioneer, 36lb draw, 42inch bowlength, i want to say.
  8. All of y'all haven't tried archery until you've fired a Yew Longbow. Holy shit its exhilarating!

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