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  1. I just watched the first 2 episodes on that show on netflix and I was in tears laughing. I cannot believe I have never seen it.
  2. Yes this show is fucking hilarious. Jon Benjamin is definitely the funniest voice actor ever. He does Coach McGuirk from Home Movies too. Guy is hyserical.
  3. I fucking love this show, makes any day into a good day and makes me laugh hysterically, especially when im smokin
  4. Gonna have to watch this show now, cant wait ive been looking for somthing new to watch.
  5. oh shit rezo youre in for a treat. the best episodes are in season 2 imho but yeah, archer is one of the funniest shows(or anything for that matter) I've ever seen in my life. I quote archer himself daily.

    my favorite eps. are Swiss miss (ep.1 s2), The placebo effect (ep.9 s2), Jeu Montesque (ep.11 s2), and the honey pot (ep. 5 s 1)

    season 2 is really so much better though, it's not on netflix but torrent it or something
  6. It's a good'n.
  7. Tivo every Saturday. This Shows the shit.
  8. Archer kicks some serious ass. Try checking out Frisky Dingo, it used to air on Adult Swim, but it only survived two seasons. They're made by the same guys who did Archer, and it has the same sense of humor. Enjoy!
  9. Just got into it, so fucking hilarious. I've watched all of the first season and a few episodes of the second season, it's right up my alley. It's like a mix between Harvey Birdman, Arrested Development, and James Bond, three of my favorite things ever. Maybe the best voice cast ever.
  10. Blew through the first season about to start watching it over again. Last time I was on demonoid for 5 seconds I got a virus so I dont know where to see season 2 =(
  11. Archer is some funny shit! I watch it with my son. We get it on FX.
  12. I watched both seasons and I cannot wait for season 3! I see a lot of people recommending Frisky Dingo I will check that out as well. I loved the entire show but if I had to choose an episode it would have to be the rampage one or the pilot episode. Zero I will PM you a link in a second. Also if anyone hasn't seen it I recommend watching "Wilfred". If you like Archer I am pretty sure you will like it.
  13. Archer is great, can't wait for the next season. For some reason the show is hilarious the 1st time I watch it but I can't watch reruns..

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