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  1. this show just took sunnys place until it and the league come back on.

    its an animated show about a whore mongering alcoholic pot smoking secret agent who gets in to various shenanigans while on top secret-ish assignments for 'ISIS'. a CIA type organization.

    its pretty choice. comes on tonight at 9pm on fx.

    also, whore island.
  2. The most hiliarious show of the year. Anybody who hasn't watch this show, please do so.
  3. I LOVE this show.

    [ame=]YouTube - archer - danger zone [hq][/ame]
  4. Danger zone!!
  5. Lets keep this thread going. Archer is seriously the only show that I literally laughed out loud hard because of the commercial/promo's on their own. I knew I had to watch it when it would first air, and I've been hooked since. Too bad no new Archer till 2011, but at least the show got picked up.
  6. this show is my shit!! haha this show is fucking hilarious
  7. i love this show. some of the episodes are a little hit and miss but god damn

  8. As much at I hated to see frisky dingo end, this kind of makes up for it.
  9. Hahah. I love Archer too.
    I just love FX shows really.
    Damages, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me, Sunny etc...
    The League was pretty funny.

    But Archer is the best new show in awhile.
  10. I had no idea this show even existed until I read this thread.

    I saw that it was made by the dudes who did Sealab 2021, so that's an instant "must see" for me. :p

    I've only seen the first episode so far, but it looks pretty good. :D
  11. archer is awesome
  12. Yes! Frisky Dingo left my mind vagina with certain needs and archer helped soo much.
  13. Danger Zone!

  14. Did you ever watch Sealab 2021?

    That was Adam Reed and Matt Thompson's first show, as far as I know, and I fucking loved the shit out of it.

    It's not as finely tuned as Frisky Dingo, and Archer even more so, but it's a great show in it's own right. :smoking:
  15. That guy posted in 2010 so I doubt he will reply.

    Archer is an amazing show if you don't watch you should.

  16. Oh goddammit!

    Why do people have to go about bumping these old threads and getting my hopes up?! :p
  17. Gotta say last week was a bit of a let down. Weakest episode of the season so far for me. And what's with Woodhouse's voice? Did the guy that used to play him die? I'm just not feelin the new voice.

    I hope this week is better. And I hope we see more Barry this season. Isn't that right Barry? Sure is other Barry.
  18. Archer is the shiz nit
  19. Lana...Lana.....LANA!!!


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