Arab Mob Pelts Israeli Firefighters With Rocks As They Put Out Blaze

Discussion in 'Politics' started by J-DILLA, May 24, 2013.


  2. Does israel pay you to post all this?
  3. I would hope so but sadly he does it for free me thinks
  4. J-dilla, do you see this as an example of the inherent evil within Arabs or Muslims, or as a sign that something is wrong in the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians?
    To be quite honest, I think he's racist as fuck against Palestinians. I've never net someone with such a one track mind against a group of people.
    That's what I think too, but I'll allow him to plead differently if he wants to.
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    I'm also interested in the answer to this question. I've seen stories of Americans murdering firefighters when they arrive to put out a fire, does that mean all Americans are as depraved?  :confused_2: What is the point of pointing out these people's nationalities?
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    Stories, as in more than 1? I dunno about that but there was one recent story about fire fighters being attacked in the NY by an ex con Satan worshiper who did hard time for killing his grandmother with a hammer.
    The point is the J Dilla only posts anti Arab/Palestinian threads. Just look at his thread history.
  9. God's chosen people can do no wrong. Israel is as pure and innocent as a newborn lamb and anything that comes out of Palestine is a satanic abomination.
  10. Is everyone in here anti-Israel?
  11. No, I could give a shit what happens to either of them. It's the point that the only threads he starts and and replies he makes in other threads are about how evil Palestine is and how poor little Israel is always being picked on for no reason other than Palestinians are just ignorant brutes.
  12. I'm both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine. I hope both find justice, freedom, and safety for their people regardless of religious views, ethnicity, etc. I hope both are able to resolve their conflicts peacefully and that they only use violence when necessary for their defense. Wishing anything else probably means you're a biased bigot of some kind and definitely a hypocrite if you're from the US or most other Western civilizations.
  13. Bro, smoke a J.

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