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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ~Kush~, May 11, 2010.

  1. ok so my dad has t5s over his fishtank...super nice ones with fans built in.......he bought me a mini fishtank and a light a while back....its a long cfl tube, with a black housing over it...i know it can grwo plants uder water in fish tanks

    But can i grow one plant with it? I just wanna know before i buy cfls if i can use this.

    the bulb says artificial daylight btw.


    im blasted
  2. I have a hand me down 2 Bulb T5 Aquarium light (4 prong 2 bulb so it looks like 4 bulbs) I think I have a 6000K and a 10000K very very blue bulb and a very white bulb. I used it for clones and it was a bit much for my cab, moved it to mothers and they did well, now I moved it to my herb garden (not Cannaherb) and it is growing some seedlings of various garden herbs. So answer yes you can absolutely grow under it. Not sure about flowering though but you can definitely veg under it. You might be able to pop in some 2700-3500K bulbs for flowering.

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