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  1. Anyone else have fish and love to watch em' while high.

    Me and my girlfriend have 3 tanks in our room and I love to just sit down and watch em, i can do it for hours! :smoking::smoking:
  2. I have 5 tanks total from 2.5 Gallons to 250 the largest.

    Anything from several species Shrimp (RCS, CSR) to self picked (caught) and imported Frontosas.

    Below GENERIC pictures to give you an idea.



  3. I absolutly love our cichlid tank, we just had an outbreak of amonia so we lost some though. :(
  4. My 250G Frontosa tank filters through 5 (five) 55 Gallon barrels...not a trace of Ammonia.
    As I said the Frontosa are wild caught, I occasionally sell F1 offspring for $1,500/breeding pair.

    Regarding filtering you should consider doing something similar, depending on the size of your tank smaller (larger?) than my filter set-up.

    Google your options.
  5. We added too many too quick thats all, and I think a little over feeding... this happend in the 30gal. tank had 4 jack dempsey's, 2 parrots, 2 convicts, and 3 electric yellows
  6. oh and i made he mistake of cleaning my filter and substrate and screwed up and i am re-cycling now as a result...
  7. That's why I have 5 barrels going >>> 2 can be cleaned w/o interrupting the biological cleaning process.
  8. nice! i just have a 20 gal right now used to be cichlids. but now its a marine tank. i have a clown fish blemmy damsel. goin to get rid of the damsel i think and get something reall nice soon.

    i work at a pet shop :p so i get what i want haha.
  9. I have wanted fish for a while. Throughout my life I have generally had some kind of beta or gold fish etc. Unfortunately I have never really had the money for an actual set up, or known where to go for the cool looking fish :devious:.
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    I'd like to, one day, create a self-sustaining-fish-tank ecosystem. That way, I wouldn't have to worry about buying food, since the proper amount of predator and prey would be present. I would have to of course create such environmental conditions that would create an even match between the various chains of predator and prey, but it would certainly be an amazing sight to see.
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    Its not that much money, I picked up the 30gal tank for 140$ at wal-mart... its a kit with the tank, filter, heater, canopy / light. All you have to do is add water, buy some kind of stabalizer / chlorine killer which is about 10$, then your substrate (gravel sand or whatever) and then plants / decorations... To get a nice tank running from scratch your looking at 250-300 which isn't that bad..

    if you decide to do it research tank cycling though, most people think you can add water to a tank and add fish right away... NOT the case

    I am pretty proud of my 20gal goldfish tank too... ive got 3 goldfish over 5 inches long that i need a bigger tank for... thinking of a 90 or 120
  12. token2004 look for used tanks on Craigslist. There are incredible deals available there. Any size tanks, just the tank or complete, for almost any price, especially if you are negotiating.
  13. My uncle has an amazing koi fish pond that has been in some magazines. I wish i could find some pictures. those babys can make you money when they get big!
  14. A friend of mine maintains aquariums for a living... For the record, he will hate you if you call him "Deuce"

    He has the most amazing tanks. a 160 gallon acrylic in a stand the size of a wall. it's mostly frontosa, catfish and other African Cichlids. there's probably 50-60 aggressive fish in this tank, and none of them kill each other. anyone who has had Cichlids knows that is no easy feat.

    He also has a cold water reef tank with starfish, anemones, sea snails, crabs, and others that are equally as cool. it looks amazing, and you can stare at it for hours if you keep :smoking:

    He has also made a lake tank that has underwater growth, and he built a koi pond that has roughly 1600 gallons of water and 30 or so koi in it. only about 10 of the koi are show worthy koi though. the rest are ones he has rescued from crappy sellers.
  15. I've got a basic 15 gallon tank with a few tiger barbs and tetras. I wanna get a really big tank but goddam it costs too much money!
  16. before i moved i had a 170 gallon bowfront fresh, and also a 60 gallon fresh. i had jack dempseys and black convict cichlids, and i bred and interbred them both. i was a supplier to a local petstore, selling single males for $20 apiece, and single females for $25. the crossbred ones looked really cool, and the petstore lady wanted to be exclusive, she didn't want me selling them anywhere else.

    this summer i moved (drove) 9600 km across the country, so i sold off my fish, and my tanks. :( but now i'm in a more temperate climate, i could actually do an outdoor pond year round. i've also wanted saltwater my whole life, so we'll see where that goes.

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