Aquarium restoration

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  1. Found my parents old aquarium and I need something to keep me busy so I decided to clean it all up and make it nice, then of course add fish and other aquatic pets. If you guys have any tips along the way feel free to chip in!


    This is what I'm working with
  2. That's cool. I'd probably start with cleaning the scum off the glass. Not sure what would work though; I haven't had fish in a long time.
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    I've never had an aquarium, one day..
    But I would either hose it out , maybe clean it with alcohol
    put a reef in that bitch, some nice rocks.
    yeah , fishes love rocks.
  4. I let it soak over night so it will hopefully be easier to clean. Will give it a good scrub today and go get rocks and a filter today to start running cycles
  5. What size is your tank?
  6. 29 gallons
  7. Nice. 29 isn't a bad size. CLR is good for cleaning glass aquariums if your earlier method doesn't work.

    Just out of curiosity, do you plan on making it a freshwater or saltwater tank?
  8. Freshwater. I want to get 2 or 3 Texas cichlids and some other fish that wont dominate the tank. A friend of mine Has some cichlids and it's so interesting to watch how certain fish can dominate the whole tank. It's like watching nature on a small scale

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