Aquarium lighting.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Sinus, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. I saw these lights at a pet shop in Concord that are 150 wat floros. It says full spectrum daylight on em. There are even some that are specifically for plant life. Would these work for growing from vegi to flower?

    Does anybody have any experience with growing in an aquarium at all? hydro or soil?
  2. Are they normal output fluorescents? Or Compact Flo's, or T-5? As long as the spectrum is right for your application, and replacement bulbs are easy to come by, should work just fine.

    Peace, OGH
  3. Growing Hydro in an aqaurium would be a bad idea unless you covered up the sides as roots are supposed to be in total darkness.
  4. If I did use an aquarium I'd probably cover the outside with duct tape or something. This is all pretty far off I don't have the funds for a bag let alone a set up.
  5. Ha, I actually had the same thought recently, my GF always drags me to the pet store. :rolleyes:

    I saw some pretty sweet lights, one was an 11,000K daylight..intense. However, they were t6 tubes and I have a t12 fixture, and I have no idea how to setup tubes as far as ballasts or anything go.

    Sry for the high rambling, but they should work fine as ling as you get them setup nice. GL man!

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