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    My first grow, some things are still needed (fan, carbon filter, nutes) but i plan on getting them soon. Just gonna use bag seed im getting from a friend.


    Using the light that was in the aquarium, still gotta grab a small fan and fine a way to put a carbon filter on it. The filter can wait until flowering if im not mistaken the smell wont be a problem ant early right??
  2. I have found smell should be fine until flowering.

    What kind of lights are you using?
  3. All grow brand aquarium lights, with the way its put in i cant see the wattage
  4. first things first is you're lighting. It's up to you to figure out which route you want to go as far as what types of lights to use. Look over the forums and look over a couple journals with different setups so you have ideas, google works good to. I found good growth with CFL's but MH/HPS is the way to go. LED's are also another option but you should look into that first before considering.

    Some people do mix spectrum while others stay to one certain light, it's all about experimenting and seeing what you can do with what you have on the table.

    you want 100w per plant, I heard an additional 25w or 50w? for every other plant but again something to experiment .

    Also, do you have a sealed top for you're aquarium? Eventually you will want to upgrade to something more convenient to you like a cabinet or tent.
  5. Yea im definantly not stickig with the aquarium for long, living in my mums still shes worried about fire hazards and shit, come summer i plan on cleaning out the shed and building a real grow box
  6. Planted the seed, the wait begins.
  7. Had to break the membrane of the seed to get the leaves free, so cute
  8. Had to break the membrane of the seed to get the leaves free, so cute. Pictures arent poating right now thogh

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  9. Day 15
    Little bit of growth over the past few days, second set of leaves forming. Doing pretty good for a plant that was stuck in its shell for 2 days after sprouting also planted another seed just incase one turns out to be a male. Thay ones on like day 7-8 but dont have any pics of it yet

  10. Get a fan blowing on that stem to thicken her up.
  11. are you still using that aquarium light? That stem seems way to long. What you should try to do is fill the rest of that cup up with soil and buy a new light if you haven't done so.
  12. I dont think its the light, the shell didnt come off the seed so it sorta grew blind for 2 or 3 days and just sorta vertically. My other plant is like half the hieght of this one at the same point.
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    Yep, JETlifted is right, definitely stretching. Gotta get more light on it bigtime!

    I go with CFLs mainly because they're cheap and produce an easily manageable amount of heat, but you've got loads of options.
  14. Im doing this with like no money right now, i do have a few cfl bulbs around my house, but no way to mount them in the grow box, other than maybe putting a lamp in it... But even then id only be able to have 1 bulb
  15. Second plant, day 9
    Stalks actually thicker than that of the other plant. Looks like its coming along fairly nicely, if it comes down to the 2 of them, im keeping this one i think

  16. So after attempting to put a lamp in my grow... It turns out my timer doesnt allow for 3 prong plugs... Which blows because none of the lights are good enoughbon thier own...

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  17. Ok so i need to figure out what im doing guys, i obviously dont have enough light so these plants areng gonna get strong... Maybe just gonna trash the small one and swithch the other to 12/12 and get maybe a gram or 2 out of it and try again when i have money

  18. You probably dont have the right wattage on those plants. Try keeping them but get new high powered CFL's or some LEDs it will work better then your aquarium light trust me. CFL's and LED lights can give you more of the light spectrum then an aquarium light can. Just go out and get a few new light bulbs and you'll be fine. Just do it before the plants die of lack of light and spectrum. Also you may want to transplant them in a larger pot to get more space for the plants roots. It's up to you wether or not to just trash them or give them a deficiency with what you are currently doing. Oh yeah if you decide to keep them during vegetation state you will want to add nutrients to their water which that are probably at or nearing soon. It doesn't have to be alot. If you eat bananas you can put a piece of the peel in a blender and blend it up with water. When it gets a little older you can put in some tuna fish juice that most people don't drink in and after boiling some noodles you can add some of that in for your plants for the nutrients boiled out. There are a lot of things you can do really cheaply to help them grow. Just don't put too much of each in either. Hopefully this helps and you decide to keep the plants.
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    try to put then outside when its nice it
  20. I was thinking that. I should be getting 150 bucks soon. And im filling out a few job applications this weekend so hopfully ill have a steady income and make a decent grow box.

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