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  1. Anyone have a aguaponics set, its a system with a fish resivior and you run the water down threw the plants roots and by doing this the water is re-cleaned and all you have to do is feed the fish and have lights i think it be cool to do if you had the space and privacy to do it in.
  2. ill get right on that one buddy I'ma pretty sure i could pull it off too... ill post a pic when i get it done :D
  3. I've got big yield of cannabis in aquaponics. I added chelated iron into the system. Without it don't expect to see any buds.
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  4. I have a question about aquaponics, I have a 55 gallon fish tank with fancy gold fish. I have to drain anywhere from 10 to 40 % of the water weekly and and add fresh water. Can I use the wast water to water my 2 plants that I am growing in coco? I have to water the plants 2 times a week. Will that be enough nutrients to sub stain the plants, or do I need to keep adding my GH coco tec?

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  5. Excited 2 see pics, I been wanting to do this with a foam insert

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  6. No.

    You need more water, more fish, and more space for roots. Goldfish and most fish appropriate and cheap will eat the roots if directly suspended in the system. It's a great method but the learning curve can be steep.

    I wholeheartedly encourage you to pursue aquaponics but you gotta research.
  7. I know I was just showing something I seen at local hardware store very small but yes thanks for the knowledge

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  8. Okay. Just know that's like the aquaponics equivalent of a bag of Miracle Grow.
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  9. Lol that's right but I'm sure it's doable with the right equipment and method.

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  10. Is thread is super old, dating back to 2004, hopefully they found that out by now.

    Thats a little small for large fruiting plants like cannabis. Something like that is more suitable for leafy plants like lettuce or herbs.
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  11. Without sounding like a dick can I ask why? Whats the point? Looks like more effort than its worth. Unless this is a proven method to grow superior weed its far too much trouble in my opinion. OK I get the novelty of it but,,,
  12. I have experimented a lot with aquaponics. Atill awaiting the day i build my ult-setup. The problem with your fishtank goldfish is that goldfish are dirty fish and crap a lot. Also any chance of algae can move in with your plants. If your fishtank is really well filtered than it should be ok. Run some tests, my favorite test is the good ol sniff test. If it smells like something you may consider drinking than youre golden.
  13. Its not more effort than its worth, in fact, its quite easy, and the smoothest tasting bud I've ever tasted
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