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  1. Wondering if anyone has tried growing aquaponically with hydro or aeroponic. It has great potential and you could also grow yourself some fish for consumption. All that needs to be added is fish food and water once you get the system running and its 100 percent organic.
  2. i've heard alot about it and i'm quite curious about it. however as far as i know, the general consensus is that it's cool but really difficult to get dialed in properly
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    apparently the solution is high in nitrates and low in phosphates, so you would have to
    switch out the hydroponic/aeroponic trays, and put them in a chemical based system for flowering- which is fine

    you typically spent most of the time vegging the plant anyway, depending on what you are going for. if you set the system up with interchanging trays that run separate from and drain off to the mother chamber (pump/fish), then you could rotate the trays for veg/flower.

    a clone chamber can be constructed quite easily and attached to the system. this can be lined with foggers and designed so that the plants can be cloned and propogated all within the system. a mixture of crawdads and tilapia is good, because if the tilapia die for any reason the crawdads will eat them.

    making 4 seperate mother chambers would be good, because you could mix up your incompatible aquaculture, and cycle the harvests. 1 harvest every month would be ideal, because you could harvest the fish, freeze them or put them into a seperate bucket and keep it outside until you consume all those fish while having started a new batch already. if you plan on selling, then you would simply sell all 50lbs or so per harvest.

    australia grows wasabi and trout, or barramundi and lettuce. whatever the case, growing a mixture of cannabis and produce while producing some nice organic mercury-free fish would be awesome. its cheap as hell to build...
  4. What about a man made pond? Would this be kind of the same?
    Cus when you put in a pond , the idea is to create a lil mini ecosystem ...

    Im really curious too

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