AQUAponics Flower Cab. CFL. Stealth.

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  1. Hi all. Quick specs:

    CFL Flower Stealth Cab. Furniture Grow. AQUAponic guppy.
    Rubbermaid Bubble Bucket DWC. 100% Organic.

    For those of you still left.. Thanks for checking this out. This is my seccond grow cab. My first is my Mother Cab in my sig. This will be an all enclosed stealth cfl flowerer.

    The other thing is thos will be a 100% organic grow. I'm going to bubble bucket in a rubbermaid tup. Feeding will be taken care of by guppies and selected fish in the master reservoir. (a 5 gal pail.)

    I'm in no way close to firing this baby up but here is a sneak peek on what i'm going for
    ANY input is more than welcome. A lot still needs to be done and collected.
  2. Here's a few pics of my gatherings.

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  3. Well here is my design for the box.

    The water starts cycling in the reservoir. It goes through the undergravel filter and then flows into the bubbler tub. then it circulates feeds the plants and goes back to the main reservoir, clean for the fishies.

    This way the levels between the two always stay the same. and the reservoir gravel will filter solids and allow bacteria to do their thing. If I build my reservoir filter out of 1 inch pvc it should have more than enough flow to cycle the whole thing at least once an hour.

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  4. what kinda clones will you be you be useing?
  5. just cause that .bmp link already screwed up.

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  6. My own. I am currently trying to get two female mothers growing.. I have 1 bluberry skunk growing well. I'm looking for another strain for different bud selection.
  7. Looks interesting. I'm pulling up a chair.
  8. I plan on flowering 4 - 6 inch clones. I have read a lot on bubble cloners and I believe I can make one that will do wonders and still be very compact. This guy made one out of a 15 gallon rubbermaid tub he also used for vegging. But i'm thinking three times smaller at least. He had horsetails for roots. I dont need that big to start them off so I'll make a custom fit. I'm aiming for 2 cycles + clones in my 5 spot flower cab, at 1 oz a cycle (month). Any more would just be great.
  9. I've found some great resources recently about carbon free odour scrubbers.

    So I've built 2 cores out of 1/4" metal screening. The inner core is 3"W x 18"L, the outer shell is 6"W x 24"L.

    The filler is proposed to be silica based kitty litter, the clear stuff. I've chosen a ratio of 2L carbon to the remainder of clear litter, about 6L. Unfortunately; this medium will absorb random humidity, and being an aquaponic system there will be much to absorb. The medium will require more frequent changes, probably one change per flower cycle. Even so it seems to be worth it, being this litter is 4X cheaper than activated carbon. Plus no red flags about buying gallons of the carbon needed.

    I'm very confident that a small, basic, in-line fan with rigid ducting will suffice for odour control.

    This should be enough to control odours from my ferret cage too. And get me growing in this cab months sooner than I thought I would be.
    (the filter was my biggest project to wait for)

    If this works I will have not been to a hydro store or aquarium supply for any large purchases.
  10. killer stuff man, what kind of fish do you need exactly, and how do you care for them?

    i under stand their waste is ferts and what not, but if you could let me know or link me to info on the exact fish and how to care for them in this situation please feel free.

    this is going to be a killer grow, DWC organic style, whats not to love?
  11. Thanks Doob3r, but there is little information found on the web that isn't related to semi - large scale farming. Carp, Trput and Perch seem to be most widely used. Just google aquaponics. You should find my frustration equally.

    I'm planning a mix of fish to become an ecosystem instead of a fish and veggie farm. All my plans are bassed upon years of keeping fish and bonsai. I've kept them in gravel / sandy soil for years feeding only fish water. The next step was indeed doing this with pot.
    I started with feeding my mum, only water from my desktop fishbtank.

    First off 10 - 15 Guppies will be my main source of nutes, followed by a few small goldfish to even out low potasium levels. Too many goldfish tends to produce high levels of amonia, not desired. Plus guppies breed like MoFo's, great for a constant stock. And goldfish never die.

    That covers the upper and mid level swimming fish. Now one must think about low level fish and cleaners. For keeping the reservoir gravel free of solids i'm choosing a weird wormy fish called a Coolie Loach. Loaches in general are fantasic, as they not only mark ph with their coloring, they even out ph to just above 5.5 very well. Finally 2 pleccos (glass sucker cleamers). They will limit algae growh where it begins, on the walls.

    SNAILS ARE YOUR ENEMY. they breed like australian rabbits. You can never be rid of them once their populations explode, and they will. They get into everything, clogging mechanical and other filters, pumps and pipings.

    This array of fish, although not used in traditional aquaponics sence of farming, will provide the nessissary levels of nuitrients.

    Hope that helped.

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