Aquaponics and Marijuana

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  1. To all of the aquaponic growers on this forum, I would like some advice. I have grown various things with aquaponics but never marijuana and I would like some help figuring out how to get started. I'm looking for things like what kind of fish to use, fish/plant ratio, or if it depends on the strain, but any insight on the topic would be much appreciated.
  2. I thought about aquaponics for cannabis. But talked to a grow shop here in west michigan. They have an indoor aquaponics unit. Said it was tried and the plant will have nutrients missing and low yields. Also the ratios are usually Talipa to get full size in 9 to 12 months. 1 fish per gallon of water. The rest of stats were online somewhere. I will try and find it for you. There is a flood ratio for the bed etc.
  3. Ammonia: 0.0
    Nitrites: 0.0
    Nitrates: 0-400+ppms
    Phosphate: 30-40ppms
    Potassium: 235ppms (or 2/3 of nitrate, or 2× your phosphate)
    Calcium: 100-200ppms
    Magnesium: 48ppms
    Iron (Fe): 2-3ppms
    Boron: 0.5
    Manganese: 0.5-1.0ppms
    Zinc: 0.05ppms
    Molybdenum: 0.02ppms
    Copper: 0.02ppms
  4. The type of fish depend on what you're looking to do.

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