Aqualifter dosing pump

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  1. Anyone try one of these? Its cheap, and widely used by people with reef tanks. It wouldn't be good for recirculating water usage, more for fresh water. Thinking of using one with a couple drippers for each plant.

    Tom Aquatics Aqua-Lifter Dosing Pump

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  2. interesting but it will only lift the water 30" so it would benefit to have it up above the pots.there's this 1 but its a little more expensive Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more
  3. Yeah, thats a nice looking watering system. Overpriced for what it does but if its sitting in your living room watering house plants I can see its bennefit over a bucket and pump.

    Thought I'd mention the Aqualifter since its such a workhorse for reef tank folks.
  4. its worth a shot.
  5. Ah the aqualifter. Those pumps are a God-send, I tell you!! I have to disagree that they are overpriced. It's a very niche pump. I'm not sure I've seen any other pumps like it. They are cheap insurance for reef tank folks!! But they would probably be overpriced if used in the manner discussed here.

    I had two on my reef tank. Without either, my reef experience would have been a disaster. One was used to continue/restart a siphon on an overflow drain to a refugium. If the power went out, and kicked back on, the siphon could have been lost, resulting in a HUGE flood. The aqualifter #1 ran 24/7 it's only job was to maintain a siphon on that thing. My second pump was used to pump fresh water mixed with calcium and connected to an auto top-off mechanism I built. It would turn on and off as needed to replace evaporated water, helping keep my salinity, PPM, and PH stable.

    That said, I don't think you can place any sort of load on it to pump water... Perhaps a dripper or two, but really that thing will pump out water about as fast as the end of a RO/DI system.. It's borderline a dripper already.. hook it to a timer for like 1 minute per bucket. I think you'd need one pump per watering site, therefore wouldn't be the best pump for this application.

    If you do buy one, pick up a couple rebuild kits for it, too. Let us know if you do go with this, I'd love to know how it works. If I had one around still, I'd test it for you, but I got rid of my whole reef system.

  6. Hi "Past" ... hope your not a ghost...sorry bad joke. No I meant the Sears thing is overpriced at $90. The aqualifter pumps OTOH are crazy cheap at like $15.

    I actually have one sitting here I used on my old reef tank. Just need to get a timer that goes down to the minute.


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