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    is it safe to buy from auqa lab
  2. What do you mean by safe?

    If you mean safe to order from the site, I don't see why not. Looks like an online headshop, not unlike GrassCity.

    If you mean safe as in are the pieces good, no clue. I suggest a google search. aqua lab reviews - Google zoeken
  3. i mean like safe to order from..people have always bugged me out about buying bongs and shit online haha
  4. yeah aqua lab is an excellent site to buy from.

    not better than GC though...
  5. ALT is a good place to buy from, but unfortunately, you should probably remove the link before mods tell you to.
  6. Agreed^^^... please remove the link. before mods either remove it for you, remove your post, or remove your thread. a good site with a large collection. downside is that they only have typically that one piece, and you wont see another one of it again for a while. GC and other places are typically always stocked with a majority of the stuff they sell.
  7. Good site, I've bought off there a few times. Real nice stuff!
  8. false, gc has been out of stock on items for as long as alt. They have flawless customer service
  9. .....i expected to see pictures... haha :smoke:
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