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  1. Whatsup guyss. SO I dont know if anyone else gets crafty when theyre high but recently i've just been a fuckin mechanic with homemade stuff. I've smoked out of other peoples ghetto water bottle aluminum foil abominations and i just really wanted to make something creative, so i started making homemade stuff when im high. I usually am a lonely herb smoker, in california so i pickup alot of medical herb at times and just smoke so much and sometimes like a change from my old school jamaican spliffs. So heres a thread if anyones interested, just gunna start making alot of different smoking tools and post them up and stuff. Below is my bong, and my bowl, working on a chillum right now and my showerhead perc, and maybe a bubbler and some other cool creative shit like a homemade hookah or something. Post up your stuff too id like to see some other cool homemade stuff from fellow smokers.

    First upp, first thing i made one day when i picked up 5grams of some super silver haze, my bowl. The internals is a highlighter, cut and shaped to resemble an actual spoon pipe. Its got a carb, metal socket wrench for a bowl and i put blue painters tape on the outside just for comfort and what nott. I might paint over it and maybe add a design of a herb plant on it, so ill keep this thread updated. Hits really hard.


    Next, my prized posession that i really have worked hard on alot of high times and highdeas, my bong. It's got a diffused downstem, and a diffused precooler or "circ". Working on a showerhead percolator right now, will update that soon too. It has my lil homie skelator in the precooler, he gets hot boxed.:bongin:



    Diffused Precooler + Skelator nig

    Diffused Downstem

    So far so good, if anyone wants to see milk shots or videos i can probably make some and post em up. Let me know what you guys think! :smoke:
  2. i like the second piece, but gotta see a milkshot - you just put your whole face in there?
  3. Haha it just covers just below my nose and almost to my chin, might cut that part off and make a smaller extension as a mouthpiece though. Picking up in a few hours will make a milk shot :)
  4. Off topic but I see you live in Irvine, I go to UCI :hello: How do you like Irvine?
  5. Yeah man haha, UCI is a great college. Irvines really chill too, OC is great.
  6. I wana see a fat milk shot.
    Love hitting pieces that you have made with your hands.
    Just as long as there ain't no foil!
  7. Made this awhile ago, and saw your thread so I thought why not post it. Has a pre-cooler, diffused down stem, and ice catcher.

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  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykx8Wc60JiU]YouTube - How to make a Fuze bong.[/ame]

    food for thought. I love makin homemades as well, I just threw away my entire collection when i moved out of my dorm cause i didnt want to bring them home haha.
  9. That one in that videos sick, im trying to add a showerhead percolator to it tonight, was thinking about an ice catcher but i figured a perc would be cool. Id hate to have to throw out homemades, so many memories and time.

    That ones cool man, mines similar, instead of a ice catcher im adding a showerhead perc though. Homemade stuff is crazy to smoke out of.

    Just picked up some Gods Gift, gunna make a milk shot vid soon
  10. I love homemades so much it feels so much better using something you made haha
  11. Tell me about it. Sooooo different from smoking out of normal smoking tools that EVERYONE has. Almost like a success to know that you created something that can get you so high.
  12. I feel like you get higher purely because of the satisfaction you get knowing you made it haha. Know what I am talking about?

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