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April is Lame.......LAME!!!!!! @&%$*&@!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Okay.....its fucking april and its snowing its mother fucking ass off here. I dont recall giving April permission to snow. Im serious. Its like a fucking blizzard out there (well, it looks like it) anywho, its 9am we only have 20 bucks, and no car. Cant find ANYONE with weed. And Nic's lazy ass is still in bed, and were stuck in this house. Paige is with me by the way. Yeah. so this sucks. were bored..BORED........B O R E D !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. After 4 inches of rain it is turning out to be a good day here.

    I can't belive that ya'll are getting more snow. Damn it must be cold up there still. I hope it quits soon and you can find some weed!
  3. Hempress don't feel lonely, it's not snowing here but it is raining like hell. And I'm bored too!
  4. hey dude thats not true my birthday is in april

    its in like 2 days...the 9th werd ima bee so high
  5. when ur bored smoke simple
  6. they said they have no weed.. and my bday is in april too.. april is cool
  7. My b-day is in April too, on the 13th. Looks like we have alot of Aries in the house.
  8. I got some of that snow, had to walk through the shit this morning :mad:

    Oh well, walking through a blizzard stoned is fun if you can deal with giant globs of napalm-like snow collecting on your face.
  9. Yep, it's snowing like crazy here in Michigan. We got let out of school early cause the roads were getting bad. Oh, and my birthday is in april too, the 23rd!
  10. at least theres no more snow on the ground in minnesota..

    i prefer rain over snow any day. i prefer rain over the sun most days too
  11. April is a good month, because it contains my birthday, the 28th...which i discovered today is the same as Saddam Hussein.
  12. hey now dont take it out on april , april rocks. Its spring time its nice and sunny bout 70degrees. Not too hot not too cold. And one of the biggest smoke days is less than 2weeks away!!! april rocks.
  13. It's snowing here too.... we've got about 4 inches already and its still comming
  14. april may be lame, but the 20th............................ my favorite holiday
  15. yeah it just snowed like 4 inches here too! i hate winter now! I didn't get any snowmobling in this year cause we got 4 inches and then it would melt and do it again! I HATE MOTHER NATURE! :mad:
  16. it's like... everyone knew it was supposed to snow... BUT ME!

    i woke up today to 3" of snow on the ground and was like "WOAH!... am i tripping face?" LOL

  17. im not far from you, so you know im gettin the same weather :/
    aint no fun
  18. its hella sunny over here, been like 80 degrees, april rocks in california, especially because of 420 :) and hella people deal here, so there is never a shortage of the green stuff. Guess im just lucky..

  19. hehe, me too::D
  20. cant wait till the 20th ;D
    gonna be a problem gettin away from the parents on easter

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