april foolsing my mom

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by f1r3m4n, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. ooo man i have a story for u guys....so last night i got helllllllsa ripped right just completely blitzed out of my skullll and so i came home around like 1 in the morning (4/1/06 april fools already heh) and i woke up my mom and she comes up and is like "ARE YOU HIGH?!?" and i go (since my parents dont care) "no no im not high i swear i swear" she goes "are you sure" and i start cracking up and go "hahaaa APRIL FOOLS IM BAKED AS A MOTHER FUCKER AHAHAHAAA" she got kind of pissed that i woke her up but w/e

    edit: i just realized this might not seem funny to anyone...i guess i only find it funny cuz i was high at the time...my bad
  2. haha thatd take balls to say that to my parents back when i lived at home, they definitely arent cool for smoking, but funny story.
  3. Hahahah That Was A Nice April Fools Joke
  4. hahaha that was funny, if i did that my mom would call the cops on me
  5. lol...thats probly the 1st april fools joke of the day in the whole country...lol im surprised u rememberd it was cuz u was hella high
  6. lol nice april fools. i got ripped out of my mind last night too what a trip
  7. Hahahahahahaha, that's a gooden'.
  8. haha nice prank

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