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April 20th

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by EliToker, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has any special smoking plans for this Sunday. Apart from it being Easter Sunday, it's also 4/20. I for one made a vow a long time ago to spend every 4/20 (weekday or not) stoned off my ass... so far I've kept my pledge. I think we'll roll some blunts and (weather permitting) smoke them on the roof or some such. Hope everyone has a good day.
  2. well i think my friends and i are gonna make some schwag tea or broines and pass around the bowls of killer bud until we are ripped off our asses and then spend he rest of the day doing fun stoner shit
  3. I'm going to my friends house that I go to almost every weekend, he is buying some nugs and we are going to roll a nug blunt!! It'll be my first nug blunt.. and I can't wait!
  4. get high and who cares what else...


  5. lol, me too:D
  6. well, for easter my damn parents wanted to do something "like a family" as they say, so now I have to go camping with them, but thats ok... cus it aint gonna stop me from being blazed all day!
  7. I will be working, a banquet on 4/20 I cant wait! cause it wont just be all on me, Im not missing this morning to wake and bake! you have to! lmao...hhhhahahaha :D maybe, lol hopefully Ill be outside driving the golf carts all around the joint! that would be fun!! i dont mind working on this 4/20, I never had to before, for the best, but I cant get off this one, so im going out in style :D yay!

  8. That sucks man, my job is closed due to 4/20... I mean Easter, lol.
  9. for 4:20 im driving to San Diego from phoenix and the whole way there were gonna smoke and go to some wicked party down there and stay in a hotel. me and my friend pitched in on a quarter lb, today just for that day, well we prolly gonna take an oz out each to last us untill sunday but other then that were gonna smoke so much that day. and if anyones in that area aim me: Linkinwise and we will chat and if u hang with me you will be garunteed to get smoked out
  10. :(

    no dope,

    no money for dope,

    no way of getting high on 4-20.

  11. My dad is gonna be here tomorrow! I'm gonna wake and bake with him on 4/20 and then eat my mom's Easter dinner :D

    Aww...Digit, I'd smoke you up if you lived closer to me....if it was possible to get to your house by car I would!
  12. i will be in the car with my mother and my bitch classmate for 9 and a half good

  13. eck gak! sounds like something that would happen to you'll be able to get stoned before..this would be a good time for some scooby snacks!
  14. i just went in with my buddy on a 1/4 o and we got a great deal on some nice buds for 90. Prices here in NorCal are VERY steep and if i went to anyone else i would have paid at least 120. He put in 60 and i put in 30. We got hooked up fat and my buddy only took like 2 grams of it. Im left with 7 grams of some nice bud and i only paid 30 for it. So i was left on what to do with my extra 30 i was gunna spend on the bud. So i went over to the smoke shop and bought a new 18inch bong. We call it the "purple people eater" and im loving it. Im not smoking any of that bud, cuz im saving it all for 420 when me and some buddies of mine are heading over to the beach for the entire day. I hope all of you will send a little karma and do a "non-rain" dance for me so itll be nice weather for a beach day. Hope everyone will have a great 420, i know i will!
  15. We plan on hittin the beach if weather premits and smoking a lot of ganja. A group of about 10 people or so. :)

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