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April 20Th Not Enough Of A Big Deal?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SirAlexander, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. #1 SirAlexander, Jun 5, 2013
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    I dont know if it is just me or if you fellow stoners felt it as well but this year on the 20th of April, the day felt to normal, to average. Yeah yeah i got really really high as per usual, but i was expecting a feeling of festivity from... well i dont exactly know where from. All i saying is that as pot smokers we should make a bigger deal out of April 20th. What say you friends?

    BTW: Im new here nice to meet all of you.

  2. because it is just another day dude.. if everyone who posted a dumb fucking fb status about 4/20 would actually leave their house and smoke on the streets, something might be accomplished.
  3. Well it's impractical to make it a festival seeing as pot smokers are so spread out throughout the country/world. 4/20 isn't really an actual holiday so I don't know what you're expecting, don't expect a Cannabis parade In New York or something. All though that would be cool. :smoking:
  4. Lol of course it will be like any other day if you don't celebrate. You got to go party the fuck out of 4/20 that's the cannabis subculture's holiday man. You need to party harder than ever, like on your 21st birthday or the day you graduate college its time for celebrations but if your friends aren't that in to it then you're going to have to set shit up yourself. People are pretty unreliable haha I would have a group of friends that help you set everything up every year on 4/20.
    A good analogy would be to compare it for Christmas everyone's got to get gifts and help set up the food and bring some party liquor and get together and celebrate and rejoice or else Christmas will just be any old boring snowy day. Unless you're someone who like feels Jesus flowing through your veins or something but I'm not religious so it doesn't work that way for me.
  5. 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420
  6. All good points. We did have a marijuana parade in Cape Town S.A though. 
    Its all good ill just have 420 everyday.
  7. I don't see why we should make a big deal out of it at all... It's just a day, no different that any other.
  8. Agreed. Yeah it's cool for everyone to recognize and all...but what makes new years so special if you already drink every night? Same concept. If anything, 420 is a day for "illegal" states to bust down, and it's more of a hazard than a celebration.
  9. #9 ForeverFaded21, Jun 6, 2013
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    As someone who lives within like 30 minutes of Ottawa where the Parliament is, I get sick of fucking hearing about it hundreds of times a year. >.> Among my friends around here, its all they talk about from April 1st-21st, I don't see the big deal, I just smoke as usual. Heard the Trailer Park Boys were there this year though, that would've been cool. :p
  10. Thing is like, everybody and their mothers know about 4/20 so it's kind of tacky/too mainstream to really celebrate. I'm sure everyone was partaking as usual but nobody wants to be that guy that won't stfu about 420.
  11. For me 420 was always just another day but since many of my close friends are also stoners they usually wanted me with them on those days for social smoking sessions, since that's really the only tried and true way to actually celebrate the day, and you can make sure you light up at exactly 4:20 pm in the afternoon, but I can do that any day I want. 
    All I did this year on 420 was smoke one bowl at home and spent most of the day playing video games.  And the smoking paraphernalia store close by to my house was having a huge sale that whole weekend so I got a new grinder. 
  12. We didnt celebrate in Ann Arbor MI because we just had hash bash before it. Was kinda bummed. Was gone for hash bash and 420 was boring.

  13. But yea we definitely should treat it like a holiday.

  14. I always feel like it's a holiday. I always forget other people don't celebrate so i look at people at the store and wanna say happy holidays :laughing:
  15. I smoked 2 ounces between 5 people on 4:20.
    It was a good fucking day in my books.
  16. I honestly think 4/20 is stupid as fuck. Its just another day.

  17. I was in New York for 420 and there was all these 420 adds on TV. A massive step compared to Australia
  18. #18 sektr, Jun 10, 2013
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    4/20 is just another day for me, I get really fucking baked every night before bed anyways.
    It's only a celebration for people who don't smoke often tbh.
    Once legalized I can see it being a more important day for your average stoner cause we can openly celebrate weed culture, but right now it's just an excuse for average people to get really high.
  19. #19 bondkiller, Jun 11, 2013
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    i'm from NYC and didn't see these ads. what channels were you watching...?
    and i would've definitely noticed, i spent my 420 at home looking for all the 420 specials on tv...
  20. Sorry I can't remember but there was one of a move abput Seth rogan called 4/20 Im pretty sure and another one about medical Mj

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