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  1. i just got the samsung galaxy S4 iv been looking around for a app that will let me share playlists and also discover new bands or music ...i dont like pandora.. iv been using and years ago found alot of of what i listen to now on there but to me it seems like they havent updated the channels sence then..also while im here.. best fm radio on line for hard rock and heavy metal?

  2. Soundcloud. Sign up for it and search bands you like , you will find people who also likes those bands and they have other bands on their profile so on and so forth
  3. \\m/>< thank you.. is it genre happy or is there a wide range?
  4. Definitely a wide range , and you're very welcome :)
  5. I like to use Spotify, can add about 10,000 songs to play lists, can download around 3,000 of those songs and listen to them offline.

    Plus they just now made it free for mobile devices. Friends from FB can listen to your play lists and add more to it.

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  6. I second the spotify postSent from my XT912 using Tapatalk
  7. Not a fan of the interface but that you if it comes down it I'll give them a trySent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk

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