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Discussion in 'General' started by I <3 Weed Smoke, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Anyone know any fun apps i can download for the iphone. I would prefer free ones.
  2. I'm not sure what its called but I played a really cool skateboarding game on my friends iphone, it was like playing with one of those finger skateboards....expect it didn't suck
  3. there is a button for the app store on your iphone, then there is a link to like Top 25 apps, there are options for Free or Paid apps...alot of the free ones are ghetto knockoffs of the paid ones.

    good free ones:
    night stand
    Tap Defense (awsome)
    Cannon Game (great time waster)
    All Recipes

    good paid ones:
    Rolando (craaazy game) .. $10
    Crash Bandicoot Racing (just like mario kart on the wii).. $10
    Monopoly (hella addicting).. $7
    Grocery IQ (great way to help make grocery lists) .. $1
  4. depends if you have cydia or installer -- or both. i have lots of sources if you want emulators and roms. there's this cool racing game called raging thunder. i also have iblacklist to block unwanted callers. i have tetris, AIM, splitter (to make splitting checks at the table easier), a drink recipe book, camerapro, excuses, jokes, pool.
  5. If you were looking for one that had to do with marijuana the only one I've found is this sort of balancing/scale thing.

    You have to have jail broken iPod/iPhone though, so i don't think it works for you.

    Anyways, it basically works by balancing the iphone/itouch on your finger until it is balanced perfectly. Then you just put whatever you're weighing on one end and it tells you the weight upto 5grams. :)
  6. whatever you do -- do not jailbreak your phone through ziphone2.0 or any ziphone software for that matter. yeah it will make it seem like your phone is perfectly unlocked but it fucks up the inside like crazy. so i highly recommend using winpwn or iliberty to hack into your baby.
  7. I was about to jailbreak my iPod Touch the other day but my brain got the better of me and I just decided to pay the $10 to upgrade legitimately. All the comments on the YouTube tutorials were like "WTF did you do to my iPod!!!"

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