Approving Threads for New Members

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  1. Hi

    I seen there was a lot of spam in the forums. Knowing that this particular issue becomes an annoyance really fast, I would like to make a suggestion. Currently, I am a moderator on another forum which is a completely different subject from cannabis, but in our forum we made the decision to approve new members "first post" so that they aren't coming on the forum dropping spam like crazy.

    The new user makes an account, they make their first thread, it then gets approved, and the user continues making posts. I believe this will slow down spam much more efficiently. Once we made this switch, we have far less spam than we use to have because of this feature. Not sure if the forum platform has this particular feature, but it really does come in handy, at least in my experience anyways.

    Cheers :metal:
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. We have gone that route before, though. :)

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