Appropriate LED lighting?

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    I am planning a no-till grow room with two tents (1 for veg/1 for flower) with up to six plants per tent at any given time. I will be topping and training to maximize yield. I'm thinking of a 4'x4' tent with P450 for veg, and a 4'x8' tent with 2x P600 for flower. Is this the right lighting? I am not married to this brand, but I don't want to have to purchase lights again for a while...

  2. FYI buyer beware check advanced led that is who this company cloned. Apparently advanced used the factory that builds platinum once but it did not meet their quality control standards. So the factory found someone willing to sell inferior lights for them. platinum use to call their lights the diamond series but they where sued and now they are platinum. All that said the platinum is not a bad light. I personally have owned several. Once I found out a little history about platinum I decided to no longer support them. FYI buyer beware
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  3. There are plenty of reviews/ grows that show platinum sells a great led. Yes it might be a rebranded version and what not but still a great led. I have 2 p300 and they haven't done me wrong.
    Check out my grow.

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  4. Thanks for the tip. I don't want to overpay for my lights, but I also don't want to have to buy new lights again for years. I'm starting to look into the newer 5w COB lights.
  5. Look at amare technologies. They are a little more pricey than platinum but they work fantastic for me so far.
  6. Attaching the power strips to boards on the top of the tent is a brilliant idea too! Might use that technique when mine is set up. I like your germination station too :). This looks like some space-age tech :D

    Your setup is almost exactly what I had in mind. I'll be following your grow journal :)
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  7. Thank you so much. I can't take credit for the powerstrips on the board. I got that from duttypanty. Although I have figured out that if you put your power strips in the tent you have to make sure you cover up the tiny LED lights on the power strip. They are quite bright when in a dark tent and that's no good.
  8. Either I am blind or they purposely don't list coverage, but I couldn't find it on their site...
  9. Another good tip, I probably would have overlooked that.
  10. No they don't list coverage. I would say they have similar coverage to platinum. What size space are you working with.
  11. That's still being decided. I am planning a room with tents similar to yours, perpetual grow of max. 6 plants in veg and 6 in flower at any time. I'm thinking of getting a 4x4 for veg and 4x8 for flower ending in 7gal smartpots. I also have an old 2x3 tent I plan to use for drying.
  12. My amare SE 450 covers my 4x4 nicely. I just ordered a SE 250 for my 3x3 veg. It should be plenty for my 3x3.

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  13. You can always email victor with any questions you may have. They are also generous with discount codes as well if you ask.

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  14. Sounds good. Have you harvested yet? I am curious what your yields are like with the 5gal pot and a little training.
  15. Not yet but very soon. Maybe this weekend.
  16. I'll keep an eye out!
  17. The one nice common thing I see in this post is people are getting great results from all these lights. Silver is right you will get great results from two p300s and if you go with amare you are going to get great results. I would just pick the one I feel most comfortable with and jump in and get growing. Just like on the bottom of this page there is an app for iPhone and and app for Android. They both work and different people will say one works better than the other. I hope to see your grow soon.

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