Appropriate dress for a funeral?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I've always kinda thought you had to wear a black suit, white shirt and black tie to a funeral.. Problem is I'm attending one tomorrow but have just found out that my white shirt no longer fits, and Ive only got a sort of light purple/lilac shirt.. Is that okay along with a black/very dark grey suit and tie?


  2. Like this colour -


    Or this -

  3. buy a white shirt.  you'll probably need one for the future anyway.
  4. You don't need to wear black to a funeral and I hate that it's a trend. It's a tradition stemmed from mourning, and we don't always mourn. I'm in favor of celebrating life.

    You also don't need to feel obligated to wear white with your suit. It is perfectly acceptable to wear a different colored shirt, the point is that you're dressed appropriately in respect of the occasion.
  5. Shove a black arm band on.goes with whatever wardrope you have.
    Also still being respectfull.

    Not like any cunt is gonna say anything to you at a funeral lol

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  6. Your shirt will be fine.

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