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approaching someone for weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by yawww, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. hey guys, sooo my dealer has just been caught with possesion and i dont know what is up, but i need a new dealer

    my dealers have always been introduced to me, and i havent really gone out to search for a dealer.

    anyways, i am planning on doing that some time soon, how should i approach someone to ask for weed, downtown toronto.

    can i go into headshops, and ask people working there? what are different ways to find new people?
  2. i met one of my dealers at a gas station by asking him to buy me a dutch (before i turned 18) and he ended givin me his number and always has fat dubs of diesel. but basically u just gotta look around and find people that look like they smoke weed
  3. just be cool about it ...

    go to bars...

    go to clubs...

    SEARCH THE FORUMS.... this has been asked about time and time again .. lol

  4. haha what do people who smoke weed look like? just go around and have conversations with people you will be supprised by the numbers of people who smoke weed..

    think last time they had the vote in colorado 53% of the people activley smoke weed.
    can only imagne what that number is in the great north.
  5. Go to Kensington Market.
    Chill for a bit, you'll find someone there that has something for you.
  6. okay i am gonna go to kesington. where though?

    and.... how do i find em....

    i mean theres a head shop there.... outside the weedshop?
  7. Don't ask in the headshops, just because they might not like people dealing in their business.

    Just hang around bit, grab a coffee, almost EVERYONE there smokes weed.
  8. This is one of those common sense things bro.

    Strike up a convo with some people about anything, work your way to asking about herb then boom the worst they do is say they dont smoke weed.

    I have moved from England, to Chicago, to Spain, to Minnesota and now in Texas and was able to find plenty of people who grow herb let alone sell.
  9. go to hot box cafe or kindred cafe
  10. lol, story! this good friend of mine, lets call him bob, so bob came up to me and the first words i had ever heard him say was, got some buds? its as easy as that, u cant be arrested for it, and if he says yes, then smoke till u choke!:hello:
  11. this is my same predicament. first, i moved from toronto to kentucky. second, im a girl..a tiny blond, not looking like much of a pothead, girl. third, im extremely shy. i have no idea how to approach some sketchy about weed. what the piss to do??
  12. I think girls have it easier really just wander around the local hang outs in your town and ask if you can score some herb and be all cute and innocent youd probably get hooked up for sure.
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    ditto.. You know how many times I would be coming in a mall (smelling of weed of couse) and always there is some hot little girl (looks under aged) I need no new friends really so I say ask my friend or something dont really wanna mess too much with jail bait

    Oh yea! also just sit outside the mall.. First week I was living in Colorado I was chilling waiting on a taxi outside some big ass mall in the Springs and was just bullshitting with this guy about my age (21) sure enough he smoked and could get me the hookup! Never needed to look for another hookup while I was there... Always dank always fair price!
  14. jail bait, hmm, not so much..i'm 28. im not some chicken-head that's gonna bop around to get attention. but i think i may try a few hang outs i guess. see where it leads. i get so nervous though. thanx guys :) wish me luck!
  15. Dude go to a crowded area and to the people passing by say... "smoke weed!" You can tell who the stoners are by their responses. I did this one drunk motherfucking night in Ocean City, I tell you there were tons of stoners over there! Mwhahaha :D
  16. LOL

    usually, you don't even have to go as far as asking randoms. SOMEONE you know HAS to be smoking. has to be.
  17. Some people are way too open about asking, so don't do anything stupid. I was in a Wendy's parking lot and this dude rolls over on a bike and asks if we have bud, so my buddy and I look at each other, and then he says, "C'mon fellas, I'm having a rough week, I can pay $20 for a gram." So I was like yeah sure, that sounds good, he tells us he's going inside to break his $50, and then comes out with cops pointing at our car. As soon as I saw him again we just split, and the cops didn't even follow.

    That's a one in a million experience, but I'm sure they're are more UC's then him, so just be careful and don't be too open.

    If you ever smoke with your buddies, just ask who they got it from, and ask for their number, or something. It shouldn't be that hard.

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