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Apprentice's Comnlete Guide To Buying Bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bluberryTXsmoke, May 24, 2010.

  1. hey guys.. I'm writing this guide because i wish i would have had something like this to read before i first bought bud from someone. It will include tips, where to do the deal, how to remain calm, how to not get ripped off.. etc

    1. Finding a dealer.
    this is the first step that you must do before buying bud. finding a dealer isnt too hard, although finding a reliable dealer with bud all of the time can sometimes be a challenge. just ask around, ask people you smoke, but dont expect to get numbers.. it takes time. once you have found someone that sells weed OR is willing to get you weed your next step is to..

    2. Arrange a meeting.
    The best situation to do the deal would be in a very discreet location, maybe the dealers house or apartment, but a lot of the time they aren't willing to do this. sometime you will get lucky and they will deliver for you (especially if you're picking up a good amount, or paying a little extra) but if you HAVE to do a deal in public you should do it at a very low profile place, with no one around, where cops dont usually come. Another thing to remember is you want the deal to be as fast as it possibly can, unless you want to get arrested. once the exchange has gone down you should hide the weed wherever you can. i don't suggest stash cans or your pockets, get creative. you dont HAVE to hide your weed but i advise you do so.

    3. NOT Getting ripped off
    this is one of the biggest problems that happens to first time buyers or people that dont buy alot of bud, or go through a new dealer. First off its a good idea to ask the dealer if its a full amount for example "is this a legit 8th" although of course they'll say yes no matter what... i STRONGLY advise that you get a scale. cheap ones are like 10 bucks and it can save you alot of problems. but know that having a scale greatly increases the chance of getting a distribution charge if you're caught with it with your weed. but you should get a scale if you can, just to make sure you wont get ripped off. If you can, weigh it before you pay for it or ask to have it weighed but thats not always the quickest thing to do (see part 2) and since you want to keep the deal quick, you might just want to wait to get home before you weigh it out. Also, TRY not to get someone else to buy the weed for you, unless you pay them after you get the weed. this is to make sure your "friend" doesn't rip you off.

    4. If you DO get ripped off
    dont freak out, try not to threaten your dealer. everyone gets ripped off atleast once in their life, and although it sucks and its really not cool there are ways to handle it that are better than others. If you get ripped off a tiny bit, just say something like "hey man that last bag was a little short" and he might add the difference to your next bag. However, if your dealer is a douche bag (as many weed dealers are) he may just deny that he ripped you off. in this event, just simply don't call him again or if he's your only connect dont buy from him unless you see it weighed out next time in front of you. However, keep in mind that it might have been a careless mistake and he or she might not even know that they ripped you off (if it was like .2 or .1) but still.. try to get your moneys worth when it comes to bud every time. dont be afraid to confront your dealer (peacefully)

    5. Congratulations! you have done the deal. now you are free to smoke yourself retarded. just dont get caught and enjoy the herb as much as you can as often as you can! its a great plant that can open many doors and make alot of things better than they are without herb.

    If you have anything that you think needs to be added or changed about this post, PM me and i will be glad to consider your amendment. I'm sure I'm leaving some stuff off but I think this is a good start to a first time buyer's guide. Also, feel free to +rep if you feel like this is a useful guide. stay high guys :smoking::wave:
  2. +rep

    good guide
  3. thanks man! hope it helps some blades out
  4. No deals near a school.

    If caught, your punishment will be much worse.
  5. true, you can easily turn a misdemeanor into a felony...
  6. One hugggggggeeeeee thing you have to add is NEVER suggest a price if the guy doesnt tell you, for example.

    i knew someone who had a good connect and he was charging 10-15 a g for nice crystally dank, with accurate strain names directly from the grower.

    Some kid comes up to him that he knows, and asks if he could get any. My buddy says "only if your getting a decent amount, like at least a quarter"

    the kid says, "oh alright man, how much, 20/gram?"

    and i lold, cause that kid just set himself up for destruction. What you do is just ask how much it is, if it sounds expensive ask if its regs, mids, dank, etc.
  7. very good point! in fact i have made that mistake when i was younger. i called a guy up when i was 16 one summer to get a 1/4 of really dank stuff and i was like "hey man i have 120 can i get a quarter?" (that was the average price of one for me then) and the kid is like "uhhh sure" he shows up late, we do the deal, its REALLY dank, i weigh it, 7 grams all there... i thought it went well, til my friend tells me the same kid sells quarters for 90 bucks! oh well, live and learn
  8. bump for buying bud advice:smoke:
  9. Bumpity bumbity bump bump!!!! :hello:
  10. 1st step spell title correctly
  11. I made a mistake, but if you notice my post has fairly good grammar....

    So... give me a break, kid. :rolleyes:
  12. Add that they should never buy weight their first time. Keep it to like a dub or something if it's a first purchase from a new connect.
  13. Good point bro. Plus you never know if it's some shady guy there's always the possibility of getting jacked. Good point.
  14. you don't have to buy the bud if you feel that the bag is light..or the bud isn't what was specified, just tell him your not interested and walk away.

    [first time]if your meeting with a dealer..try not to go solo..bring a friend.

    try not to haggle..or ask for more at the meet such things before hand..dealers normally carry measured out bags for different people.

    Don't freak out if your dealer is busy or doesn't hit you up..he/she probably has another job..or is going to school/ living their life..selling bud is probably just for extra income and etc.

    never give away your dealers information..even if its to another friend whos looking..always ask the dealer for his permission.
    Its best if your there when they both meet its not as awkward.
  15. Add that sometimes texting is not good because some people get sketched out. And never use the word weed too. Instead of ounce on the phone I say onion or o. Dime is 10 dollars worth. Dub is 20. Headies is good weed. Kb is kine bud which is also good. Just some info I wish I woulda known when starting
  16. Don't be that guy to pay for bud with rolls of quarters neither haha.
  17. Nothin' wrong with that! If they take it...

  18. what happens if you do get ripped off?
    like say you're with your dealer and you get your scale and weigh it.. and it's short. what then? what really can you do? i'm not a dealer but i think i'd be a little anxious to let someone know that i'm ripping them off
  19. I have a section for that. Read #4. :)
  20. I liked the point where you said you should say, "Is this a legit 8th?". I think its always good to sound doubtful so the dealer doesn't think your a complete idiot if its light. Weigh it at home immediately too.

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