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Discussion in 'General' started by Blazed&Confuzed, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Has that thread always been there?
  2. i just noticed it think its new tho
  3. its new man
  4. Yeah it is definitely new. :eek:
  5. new I think maybe oh dude idk
  6. It\'s a new forum.
  7. Looks new to me.
  8. Nah, it\'s brand spankin\' new.

    I remember seein some threads in there while it was still \"Coming Soon\" I think last night.
  9. I don\'t see it anymore.
  10. Lol it\'s still there man.

  11. yea i remember that also.
  12. :p New forum categories + pot smokers = mass confusion.

    I\'m glad it\'s there though, as I\'ve been dry for a long time, and moved. Once I get some stuff it will be like being an apprentice all over again.:wave:
  13. Hahah, I was wondering the exact same thing for a bit
  14. wrong section, belongs under general feedback
  15. yea, i was baked and i was like..uhhhhhh what

    good idea thou!:smoking:
  16. it cant be that new theres a shit ton of posts in there alredy, nice idea
  17. It was created yesterday. I\'m moving threads from Rec Use into AT so that\'s why there are so many threads. :)

    Now, I\'m closing this since it\'s posted in the wrong forum. :p
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