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Apprentice tokers read.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Cannabis, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. **First a message to seasoned tokers- Post advice for apprentice tokers here to help further there expiriences.**
    (I cant spell right now, im too high)

    List of advice

    If you think smell like weed, the chances are that you actually smell like weed.

    If you OVER-spray your room with cologne, axe...thats obvious.

    Be smart use common logic.

    Think ahead, always, always think ahead.

    If you are introducing your girlfriend/boyfriend to weed make sure they are chill, and in a chill environment.

    Always clean up after your self

    If you are a begininer start smoking weed outside your house, not inside

  2. DON'T start buying shit from someone you met if your a newbie. Find someone you REALLY trust. And have known for a long time.
  3. Don't sell it to people you don't know either. And DEFINITELY as a newb, don't sell anything while your high. ever.
  4. if you're going to do things to hide your smoking (like burn incense) also do it when you're not smoking

    if you're going to grow, tell NOBODY ..not your best friend, not your girlfriend. NOBODY

    if you're going to grow (or even smoke) do nothing to draw attention to yourself, don't harass your neighbors, don't fight loudly or throw stuff around your house, don't have loud parties, keep your property clean and tidy. Don't give the cops any reason to have to knock on your door.

    Always follow this rule: "break only one law at a time". So if you're possessing marijuana then be the most law-abiding driver on the road; don't speed, signal your lane changes, stop at red lights...

    And rule number 1: Keep yourself safe.
  5. Do not freak out
  6. dont broadcast that you deal or smoke, keep it clean...
  7. do not go on urinating sprees all over the sidewalk and/or road
    oh shit, sorry . thats for apprentice drinkers =D
  8. that is very good advice for any newbs. FOLLOW IT!!!!!!!!! and you should stay outta trouble
  9. oh, and by the way,
    if there is no evidence to incriminate you, DO NOT INCRIMINATE YOURSELF !
    exersize your rightss
  10. when you're buying weed, the first few times bring a seasoned toker/friend with you so you wont get ripped off

    never front money

    buy quality over quantity

    buy a piece, it WILL make your life easier

    when driving, don't put the weed in your glove compartment. if a cop pulls you over, when you reach in there for your license and registration you'll show him your weed too.

    have something to drink whenever you smoke

    NEVER smoke in public. this should be obvious but i know too many people who got caught that way

  11. If you go on a ride, to just get high, don't bring more than you plan to smoke. Take a minute to hide your stash. It could be your freedom.
  12. If you need to get the smell out of a room its easy if you have two fans.

    Put one so its blowing air out of your room (out the window, never blowing out a door) and the other blowing air in your room (make sure its on lower power than the one sucking air out)

    If you do it right air should be flowing through your room and take away any smell in a few minutes.
  13. use a spoof once you graduate to indoor smoking. but make sure you dont let excess burning bowl fumes get into open space. snuff it.

    spoofs work wonders in a basement with incense.
  14. I doubt noobs know what a spoof is.

    Some more advice is, read dr. banners signature links
  15. Just be smart. Find good places. When I was a kid, me and my cousin were always into blowing shit up and making fires, so we know what places are safe. Now we light slightly smaller fires.:smoking: Also, get a bowl. Don't use cans. Spending 10 bucks beats getting Alz Heimer's.
  16. Energy sockets in walls can be potential hidin spots when the face plate is unscrewed
  17. never thought of that good idea my friend
  18. A relatively easy place to hide your stash is, if you have a dresser w/ drawers, or a desk with more than one, put your stuff in a bag, take out the drawer, tape your bag on the back or underside of it, put it back. As long as you don't have a lot it shouldn't smell. What little smell there is will not get past the drawer, and is barely noticeable if you open it.

    This works for me in my dorm so far, and we've had to have our room checked b/c of fire drills (a completely different story) and noone has said anything. Plus, I have a very, very small amount of weed in there right now. :(
  19. im giving you plus rep for your signature man, thats fuckin hilarious
  20. Ya i used to hide my pokemon cards in the wall sockets in like 3rd grade, idk why haha

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