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Apprentice Tokers guide to determine bud quality

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WickaTricka, Jan 27, 2011.

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    So whats up I see a lot of questions on here asking how good their weed is. Most Apprentice Tokers have just started and don't know the signs of good and bad bud.

    Determining bud potency and quailty.

    -Weed comes in all different sizes, shapes, and smells. Although you can't really determine bud potency by smell, it can be a good indication of bud potency but since there are so many types of strains it makes it hard.

    -Trichromes are a important step that I missed, lots of trichomes means more potency, so always inspect the bud that you are buying, most likely if their aren't a lot of trichomes the bud is premature.

    -Fact: Orange hairs are not a sign of a good bud! Most people say "Oh look at all those orange hairs, this shit is some fire" Well actually orange hairs really don't matter as much as people think.

    -Better bud is usually fluffy and light so usually if your buying from a legit dealer a ounce should be busting out of that ziplock bag because of the lightness to the bud it doesn't weigh as much. So if you don't think your getting your moneys worth find a new dealer.

    -Look out for premature chronic, if it was taken out before the buds are fully develop the weed is not worth what your paying for it. Don't get this confused with different colored weed. If your weed is purple that usually means that the weed was harvested late (depending on genetics of the plant)
    which usually means it has developed but due to the stress the plants endure from being harvest late in the season causes it to turn purple.

    I have even seen weed turn red if it was harvested right before the first frost.

    Example: [​IMG]

    -BUY A SCALE, its the only way if you know that your getting the right amounts, just go to your local head shop and pick one up for $20.

    -Don't always believe what your dealer tells you, if he says "Hey man I got some afgan kush" Don't believe him before you actually look at the bud before buying. Even if it is the most bomb shit you have ever seen in your life, don't pay extra for it just because the name is tacked on to it. Most dealers will just use names of different chronics to jack the price up.

    -Here is a good comparison of good weed to crappy weed.


    Chronic - [​IMG]

    Well I hope this helps some people. =)
  2. Purple can also be caused by low grow temperatures. It doesn't always come from late harvesting.

    -nevermind, saw you said usually.-

    Also, good guide for beginners. People should appreciate it.
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    youve got a pretty good thread going but you should keep adding on!

    -dont forget to talk about trichomes and smell! also, weed can also turn purple if the temperature is turned down during flowering, so purple bud does NOT guarantee quality, but a number of the best and dankest strains are purple, so it is not a bad thing.

    -also...dry weed isnt always a good thing, some people (including me) like their weed dank and sticky, although it does make the weed a bit heavier, which leads to more costly weed in the long run, but sticky icky is a good thing sometimes, just not damp and heavy!

    expand zis thread :D

    edit: this is also the first time i have seen a picture of a RED MJ PLANT....that thing is beautiful
  4. Well I was going to keep adding to the guide to make it more in depth, so please if you would like to contribute some tips please post them here and I will add them. :cool:

  5. apparantly these people are saying someone already has one? might wana check that out :( i still love the red weed picture

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