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Apprentice tokers:breaking your bud up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by firewall1, Nov 24, 2008.

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    For some reason a'lot of people seem to have problems breaking there bud up. So i thought id write a little something to help.

    Feel around(after a while you'll get good at this) for the stem, and break the bud around it. Its easy to do. And break the big bits into smaller more manageable pieces. Next then you have several options.

    1:Medicine bottle and scissors.

    Directions:Throw your bud in there(works best with lots of bud and a smaller bottle) and chop away. My favorite thing to do is put the cap on with a hole big enough to put the scissor blades in(a bit bigger so you've got some room) and no bud falls out on the odd chance something happens.

    2:Normal scissors.

    Directions:Find something to cut over. I use a dvd case that's close to completely white. Makes it easier to see your bud. And just put the bud in you hands between your index and thumb and chop while making a twisting motion with your fingers to make it finer.


    Directions:Just keep pinching the bud off with your fingers its very easy to do. But more time consuming.


    Directions:I love to use grinders. You can pick one up for $15 and it will most likely still work fine. Or you can purchase a Sharpstone hand grinder best that iive heard of.

    My favorite is the magic bullet. Its an electric grinder used to ground coffee beans. Works like.. MAGIC!

    Enjoy and happy smoking :D
  2. rep+ man. good advice for new smokers.
  3. Thanks alot!

    I really wanted to add pictures but i havnt got a camera at this point. Im really hoping this information gets stickied, but who knows. Im glad you and hopefully others can find it useful
  4. this is gonna sound like a pretty dumb question, but nowhere clarifies it.
    do i take the stem out of the bud before i put it in a grinder?
  5. yes you take all stems out before you grind your bud if not you will eventully beat up the inside of your grinder
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    yes definitely take out the stems. it will ruin your grinder, and it will taste bud.
    i cant stand stems, just last night i was packing my spoon. and hippi busted dank had a stem at the bottom. so i was fishing through the bowl trying to get it out in pitch darkness. well besides what little help my lighter did.

    i guess ill stick it up there to clarify

    EDIT: or i would.. if the edit buttom was still there. any ideas guys?
  7. OOOO so thats how i break apart nugget...........I was way off.........
  8. Good tut man. I've heard people asking if they should step on the bud. People like that deserve to be smacked.
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    stepping on the bud ? :p

    actually this reminds me of the idea i had to get .5's and shape them to go into pez dispensers haha.

    uh oh.. my ideas out in the open now :rolleyes:

    P.S. i would DESPERATELY like i post pictures. but the edit button is gone. How do i go about adding the pictures?
  10. good post but i thought i'd let you know that the magic bullet was actually a multi-purpose use. Not just for coffee beans. ;) lol, if anyones been up late and watched the paid programming they make EVERYTHING in those things. Anything that needs to be chopped, ground up, or mixed goes in the magic bullet.
  11. haha XD. have i ever watched it? yes.. how many times? i couldnt even begin to count. that thing honestly works like magics

    "smoothies, dip, and a full omelet, all in just a few minutes. it works like magic!"

    i mean.. who doesnt get baked and watch infomercials with food XD
  12. haha, so true. I usually get stuck on them when i flip on the TV before bed. I love the ones with Chuck Norris advertising the exercise machines because i sit there for hours cracking chuck norris jokes to myself.
  13. + rep for a nice tut bro
  14. nope i have never myself seen that one. ill have to youtube or something lol.

    and thanks for the rep. but itd be even nicer if i had the edit button back. what use is a tutorial if i cant even add information?
  15. just remember, he doesn't get wet, the shower gets Norris'd
  16. mmmmm, magic bullet (L)

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