appreciation for that special "someone"

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by RDMa7x, May 26, 2010.

  1. I feel so lucky to have a woman like you in my life. I go to bed every night feeling a sense of happiness, knowing I get to wake up to your beautiful face every morning. You are my only one. When we kiss, it like kissing a velvet rose. So soft, so sweet. When we fuck its like flying across a crimson sky. The feel of your skin against mine, is unexplainable. The feel of your heartbeat on mine. We are one. When you are not around there is a part of me that is not complete. You found me at my most vulnerable time, and your timing could not have been any better. You were there through my parents divorce, and you promised me that everything would be ok. You are the air when I cannot breathe. We've been through so much these 4 years, and I know we are only getting stronger. Our Love. You strive for me, push me to be a better, smarter individual. I guess what Im trying to say is... I FUCKIN LOVE YOU GIRL. I do like it, and I am gonna put a ring on it.
  2. You should have taken the time to look 12 threads down.
  3. I know, but this is "appreciation". :wave: Oppose to just saying "fuck you" "be with me" blah blah.

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