Appreciate any help/advice for my first grow

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  1. 2AF547BC-BEF0-424B-B610-A02628739B07.jpeg 0F24BB8C-0A25-43BE-B9D1-D063D33EB425.jpeg hello. I’ve been a user for about 20 years and have now decided to grow. Obviously I have a lot of questions and doubts, but I need to do this. Please don’t respond with “just search the forums” as I have. Past month I have been googling and reading so much it’s overwhelming, and I’m getting stuff from different people confused. This is my attempt to get answers and help in one neat thread for my individual set up. So a little info on what I have so far:

    5 blueberry autoflowring feminized seeds.
    2ft x 2ft x 4 ft tent
    Fox farm ocean forest soil
    General hudropnics floragrow and florabloom

    I will be ordering a carbon filter and exhaust fan this Friday along with a phlizon 600w led light and will be setting up an intake booster fan

    My tent is set up in my basement so it’s naturally cooler down their. I’m in the north east of the US.

    I soaked the seeds for 14 hrs, then wrapped in towel and put away. This was Friday into Saturday. By Sunday all tap roots were emerging but 1 was way longer than the others. I then placed the seeds into starter pellets Sunday afternoon. Today (Tuesday) I have my first sprout with the 2 leaves. I have put the pellets into gallon containers and started the light. Right now I have a 24w led grow light left over from a salt water tank that I’m using till my good light arrives this weekend. I have the light 24” from the top of the first sprout. When I filled the pots with soil I kept it loose. I did water the soil slightly after adding the pellets. My light is on a timer for 19hrs. When do I know is best time to lower the light for vegetative? My light says to start at 24” from plant, and then lowering it for different phases. Should I follow that or keep light as close as I can and just make sure it’s not too hot on the leaves?

    I do plan on switching to 3 gallon containers. I know it’s too many plants for the space right now so I know I’m going to have to get rid of some if natural selection doesn’t happen. My questions are:

    When do I start counting week one for the nutrient schedule?

    I have tap water, tap fridge filter water, distilled, distilled with minerals, purified

    Tap water = 160ppm 7.76ph
    Tap filtered= 141ppm 7.57 ph

    Which is best for indoor with fertilized soul?

    Am I using the right nutrients?

    My grow tents vents are all on the top, so In the end it looks like my intake will be high, and my carbon filter and fan will be on the bottom. I do have a 6inch fan in their now(filter will be here Sunday) blowing about 3 inches above my first sprouted seed. I am tying my exhaust into a bathroom ceiling vent. I can run a 2” pvc intake on side of house and gradually run it up to 4” for my intake booster. What kind of filter should I put for intake?

    I keep reading to check for proper soil Ph, but my meter is for liquids only I believe.. how do I check the soil?

    My temp/humidity gauge will be here Sunday was well, I’m sure I’ll have to figure out how to adjust those later. I really appreciate any help any one can give
  2. Text book .
    The one thing i would change is the ph of your water , 6.5-7.0 ph for soul has worked well for me mostly 6.5
    I use RO water so the ppm is relatively mild to none .

    I will say my last grow was
    4 blueberry auto
    4 Northern lights auto
    And they took way more than 600w LED
    Once the flowering kicked in .

    Seems everything else you're doing is almost textbook
    You might look into LST training to keep your plants lower and your 600w will give better light penetration amongst 5 plants .

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  3. Also they sell a ph meter for soil at most garden centers
    Also you can check the ph of the run off from your waterings too

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  4. Thank you. I’ll pick up a soil meter. As far as lowering the ph, I’m under the assumption that once I start adding nutrients it will lower ph as well I am ordering a GH Ph Kit. And I honestly am not planning on keeping all 5. My expectation is 3, I’m assuming I’ll screw something up and hurt a plant. Just trying to play the odds of getting as much yield as I can for first grow
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  5. Your tap water is perfect - not necessary to use distilled or purified.
    Your tent is not large enough for 5 plants unless you're planning on doing SOG. One plant tops for a 2x2 tent.
    You'll need more light. I looked it up and the Phlizon 600w light only pulls 108w - not enough for one plant.
    You'll probably get more responses if you take your pics under natural light instead of the blurple.
    Good luck with your grow man.
  6. Appreciate the input. I found that light on one of the tutorials I was reading. I’m trying to keep it a low budget for my first grow to make sure it’s a viable option for me and can upgrade equipment over time. Also financially challenged at the moment. Is their an LED you recommend? U say it only pulls 108w, so should I not pay attention to claimed output wattage and check the input wattage of lights? This one was a decent enough price that if growing doesn’t work for me I’m not out a lot of money, had good reviews on Amazon, and it had a 2x2 coverage area until the flowering stage height. I’m open to lights but cost is the major factor ATM. I could possible get a real good light in a few months right before flowering
  7. I actually found out that ff ocean forest doesn’t require the water to be ph. Nephew called them and by God, I’ve been ph’ing for nothing lol.

    Anyway, good luck, keep us updated.
  8. I understand a low budget.

    Never pay attention to the Chinese blurple claims regarding equivalents or coverage - it's all bullshit. Always pay attention to the actual wattage pulled from the wall. Save your money and look into Quantum Boards in the future.

    Good luck.

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